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Vintage Books :: The Magic of Everyday Things!

The Magic of Everyday Things

By Seymour Reit. Illustration by June Goldsborough. (1963)

In addition to the fantastic illustration styles of vintage books, I LOVE to check out the styling. What the kid’s are wearing, what the home’s look like. This sweet little book has GOBS of awesomeness. Let’s take a peek!

OK, we need to see that stripey number one more time….

Sigh. So much fun. Now if only we could hop inside the pages of these stories and move right in!

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  1. jess judkins says

    Alix I am so jealous of your colorful book collection! Also I want those jammies for Judah, are those dogs are llamas on the jammies?

  2. Corey Moortgat says

    Yes! We have this book, as well as several other in this set. I LOVE them!

  3. Leanne Casarotto says

    I had these books as a child. I still have most of them, but am missing some. One in particular had a story about a dog who is left alone, and ends up getting a rotten tomato out of the bin and rolling it all around the house. Wondering if you know which book this story is in, and what it was called?

  4. Ellen says

    I found this book at Goodwill and it is so darn charming! I love the basic ideas–that all you need is yourself to do awesome stuff. I also love the vintage styling–the kids bedroom is all kinds of adorable–and I too love that stripey chair. My 4 year old daughter loves it.

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