Swimming into June

It is officially beach time! Get out your sand toys and let’s get to swimming.  But of course there are amazing vintage options for your swimming cuties and I spent this weekend finding the best ones out there. Hurrah!

Let the vintage swimming cuteness begin!

Oh, this little pair of vintage Euro swim trunks. What is there not to love?  You know you are going to have a whale of a time in these little shorties! From Etsy seller, Little Yolk!

Who doesn’t need a little tutu when you swim? It just makes you swim better, right? That is why you NEED this sweet suit! From Etsy seller, Captain Cat.

Maybe you’ll be able to swim like a duck if you are wearing a duck, right? Like on this darling duckie little swimsuit. From Etsy seller, Gypsy Rising 3.

If your kiddo is a little scared of swimming maybe this little book could help! From Etsy seller, The Historical Society.

Anchors are so hot right now and they look adorable on this fun little vintage swimsuit. From Etsy seller, Miskabelle Vintage.

Oh, these little circus themed swim trunks!  New with tag to boot! How rare is that?  Yes, please! From Etsy seller, My True Love Vintage.

What little kiddo wouldn’t go crazy with this fun toy at the beach?  I even love the logo! From Etsy seller, Special J Antiques and Coins.

Babar cuteness in a swimsuit? Yes, please!  From Etsy seller, Lazer Baby Vintage!

Why should the girls have all the anchor fun?  The amazing 3 Ring Circus found these brilliant little gems! Wouldn’t they look so cute on a wee little bottom?

I want this vintage sand bucket just to have around the house! It is almost too awesome to bring to the beach! From Etsy seller, Wonderland Toys.

I really adore a little summer romper. And this one is truly adorable.  I can almost see the little girl wearing this sporting her little pigtails! From Etsy seller, Thrifted Etcetera.

If you can’t make it to the beach this summer, then you can at least play the game! Surf’s Up!  From Etsy seller, Days Gone By Treasures.

Happy Monday!

11 thoughts on “Swimming into June

  1. I LOVE the Little Yolk shop, but can’t get over the price of their stuff. I was swooning when I saw those little swim trunks, but I’d never spend that much on something they grow out of so fast! Love the other finds, especially the little duck suit 🙂

    1. I know I totally agree. I think they price things higher because all their items are “new” (aka dead stock) but still, I find them to be REEEEALLY pricey. Their stuff is just so dog gone cute, we love including them more as eye candy. (or for those verrrrry fancy pants readers we have, haha)


      1. It’s true–those little trunks are higher than I’m willing to pay for my growing girlie. But I featured them because they are so darn cute and even though I’m not willing to pay that price, perhaps someone else will fall in love with them and not pause at the price. Or they will inspire someone to purchase a similar pair.

        1. I’m glad I’m not the only one to think they’re high priced. They had a tulip dress that was to die for but it was over a hundred dollars. No way am I buying a kid something for that much, when I never spend that on myself, lol! But oooohhhhh, so cute are their things!

  2. All adorable! I have been scouring Etsy for fourth of July garb for the kids and I, and we each have a vintage piece for the occasion now! Love the colors in all this pieces. 🙂

  3. That anchor suit that was called vintage is actually from The Dollar Tree for $1 (currently in stores).

    Hope that Etsy buyer did not pay a lot & get scammed. The brand is Max Grey & it is at the Dollar Tree….I repeat for $1.

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