Vintage Bookshelf // 70s Kiddo Cookbook!

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My friend Laura brought this book over for me to look at the other day….and I was HOOKED! I have several vintage kiddo cook books (I shared the fabulous 1964 edition Fun to Cook children’s cookbook with you earlier this year!) but I’d never seen this one before—and you know I love new discoveries. This one was published by Golden Books in 1974 and the illustrations are fantastic. Very psychedelic and colorful. They remind me so much of School House Rock. Let’s take a lil look!

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haha, remember it WAS made in the 70s….I’m not sure that poem would fly today! The book is filled with all kinds of fun little puzzles in addition to easy recipes.

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LOVE this so much! I poked around online and you can still get your own {used/vintage} copy of The Lip-Smackin’ Joke-Crackin’ Cookbook for Kids, here and here!

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