Vintage Bookshelf :: Coolest CARS ever.

It’s not just the illustrations of old books, it’s the details…like how all the cars and clothing are of the era. Just check out this little gem!

This is CARS by Bob Ottum, illustrated by William Dugan (Little Golden Book, 1973)

I just love that station wagon paneling!

How about the grooviest house everrrr? (sorry some of these photos are not as crisp as they could be. Kind of a no-no….but I wanted to share and didn’t have time to retake!)


6 thoughts on “Vintage Bookshelf :: Coolest CARS ever.

  1. Golden Books rule! And this one is beyond genius.

    That bicycle built for four is kinda genius! Along with that groovy bicentennial van. When the van’s a rocking…

  2. We had that book when I was little – I loved that surprise on the last page of the book, and thought the picture of the tiny person in the huge car and the huge guy in the tiny car was SO funny. Great memory!

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