Vintage Bookshelf // The Man Who Loved Birds 1962

The Man Who Loved Birds: A Fable for Children (Harvey House 1962). Written and illustrated by Ken Kenniston.

This book is so charming and quirky—and the hand lettered text on every page is just awesome. The main character is the “the Man”. The Man who Loved Birds. But he’s not, like, THE MAN. (as in, “Workin’ for The MAN.”) He’s this groovy, beatnik fella in a little black turtle neck and sandals. He loves birds and the birds love him!

Hee. Long talks about baseball and nest building!

Peace lovin’….tree huggin’….bird whisperer. The Man. Cute huh!

A few people have asked if I knew where to find another copy. Alas, this was a thrift store treasure. I found two copies on amazon but they are kind pricey. You can see them here. I’d keep checking eBay! I bet one will turn up.

16 thoughts on “Vintage Bookshelf // The Man Who Loved Birds 1962

    1. I know, all hand lettered! I love how its such a 60s “peace love and grooviness” story! I think I need to borrow your oh-so excellent idea of listing “find your own copy”! (although I couldn’t scare up a link for this bad boy….)

  1. I dig his “splash party” get-up and am happy to see that he changes out of his Man in Black attire for the splash party. I mean not even Johnny Cash would wear all black to a splash party. Okay, maybe Johnny Cash… but certainly not “The Man”. I digress. Cool book! I want my own copy.

      1. LOL that’s hilarious. I did find another copy on amazon (i added the link) but it’s a tad cray cray in the pricing. I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

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