Vintage Flashback :: Weebles Wobble, Baby

Last Christmas, my brother gave the Peach the best present ever—Weebles!

Everyone  who saw them (well, the six different adults who stopped by) said the same thing:


My brother sent them to me because he remembered me playing with them something fierce when I was a little girl. And my mother said she liked them because they were easy to clean.  I hadn’t thought about them until I saw little Miss Peach open them and immediately start playing with them.

According to the Website, Weeble-Wobble (love it) the first Weeble toys appeared in the early 1970s as a kind of punching clown style body from Romper Room.  Weebles are supposed to be miniature versions of those bop bag punching things.


The original line-up comprised the father who wore a red shirt or a blue sweater, a blond mother with a green dress a little boy wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, a red-haired little girl wearing green trousers a pink baby holding a blue balloon and a brown dog.  But I dig the scuba diver fellow on the end quite a bit!

Just look at that sweet seventies Western shirt this guy has…and the lovely sprig of flowers on m’lady.

Eventually Disney got Weeble Fever and started making specialized Weebles based on their popular cartoon characters.

Pretty soon those clever folks at Romper Room knew that these sassy little wobblers needed their own pad, so a few years later they created the amazing Weebles Treehouse.

Which was promply followed by all these other cool places for the Weebles to chill, like this submarine and the sweet line of Weebicles.

Of course the ultimate was the oh so spooky  haunted house. I’m especially fond of  the little witchy poo Weeble with her sassy hat.

Did you have any Weebles as a kiddo??

images: 1. Monimania. 2. m kashahara. 3. MeganDavid. 4. The Shifted Librarian. 5. jaebn.  6. deepthirteen. 7,8,9 Plaid Stallions.

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  1. Weebles Wobble But they Don’t Fall Down! Wow, loved these. Wish I still had some. I had the Tree House too. I never see these guys at Thrifts. They weren’t as popular as the FP Little People I guess. Thanks for the blasts from my past. LOVE your blog.

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