Vintage Kiddo :: Coin Operated Rides

Image: Greenkozi

I loved shopping with my Mom when I was a little girl. Not for the ride in the cart or the ability to “accidentally” grab a box of Cookie Crisp. Oh no.  It was the hope that I could get a ride on one of these sweet treats.

Of course the most popular were the ponies and horses—a little flirt reminder of merry go rounds.

Images: PigRock, AnnieBee, eclectica miami


Of course horse is a horse of cours of course but what about a ride on other animals that aren’t necessarily known to carry humans.

Like a snail. Or pelican.

Images: Javier Agredo

or a goose or a cat…

Image: Bumblesweet

I can’t help but love this pink elephant.

Image: AnnieBee

Tops hats are perfect for giraffes, aren’t they? Who wouldn’t love to see that outside of Red Owl Supermarket?

Image:  AnnieBee

Even sea creatures were not off limits to encourage a child’s inner aquaman (or aqualady).

Image: Drumthwacket

Clearly taxi and cop cars were popular choices as well.

Image: NYC Comets

Cars are so much fun.  Which to chose? Race car or race car with Spiderman?

Image: BrechtBug, Kiddie Rides USA

But why limit your transportation to earth when you could blast off from Safeway in one of these beauties.

Images: Kiddie Rides USA

And then just some odd choices.

Hmmm… I never would have thought about taking a ride on Papa Smurf.

Iamge: Oerenhard1

Or a vintage Communist child?

Image: AgentYellow

These images are just a small small peek into Flickr’s photo pool, Just One More Ride Pleeeeze. I assure you, it will take you back.  Did you have a favorite growing up as a child?

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  1. how fun is that snail!!! there is an old school horse out in front of one of the thrift shops pip and i go to and its one of her favorite stores becuase she knows that she gets to ride it afterwards.

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