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Vintage Kiddo :: Coin Operated Rides

Image: Greenkozi

I loved shopping with my Mom when I was a little girl. Not for the ride in the cart or the ability to “accidentally” grab a box of Cookie Crisp. Oh no.  It was the hope that I could get a ride on one of these sweet treats.

Of course the most popular were the ponies and horses—a little flirt reminder of merry go rounds.

Images: PigRock, AnnieBee, eclectica miami


Of course horse is a horse of cours of course but what about a ride on other animals that aren’t necessarily known to carry humans.

Like a snail. Or pelican.

Images: Javier Agredo

or a goose or a cat…

Image: Bumblesweet

I can’t help but love this pink elephant.

Image: AnnieBee

Tops hats are perfect for giraffes, aren’t they? Who wouldn’t love to see that outside of Red Owl Supermarket?

Image:  AnnieBee

Even sea creatures were not off limits to encourage a child’s inner aquaman (or aqualady).

Image: Drumthwacket

Clearly taxi and cop cars were popular choices as well.

Image: NYC Comets

Cars are so much fun.  Which to chose? Race car or race car with Spiderman?

Image: BrechtBug, Kiddie Rides USA

But why limit your transportation to earth when you could blast off from Safeway in one of these beauties.

Images: Kiddie Rides USA

And then just some odd choices.

Hmmm… I never would have thought about taking a ride on Papa Smurf.

Iamge: Oerenhard1

Or a vintage Communist child?

Image: AgentYellow

These images are just a small small peek into Flickr’s photo pool, Just One More Ride Pleeeeze. I assure you, it will take you back.  Did you have a favorite growing up as a child?
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12 Responses

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  1. Melinda says

    Oh there used to be a great old spaceship ride outside of Foods Co on Folsom @ 14th. Remember?

  2. heather says

    how fun is that snail!!! there is an old school horse out in front of one of the thrift shops pip and i go to and its one of her favorite stores becuase she knows that she gets to ride it afterwards.

  3. pilgrim says

    ooh so great!! i need a ride on purple giraffe..

  4. BethR says

    whew! i certainly did misread that flick sign for a second.

    the papa smurf is hilarious.b

  5. threadbeaur says

    that giraffe is awesome!

  6. wendy says

    the rocket ride is not by kiddie ride usa, but by Ride Guys, Inc. check them out.

  7. Erik says

    When I was a kid I always pick that rocket coin ride. Thanks for the photos.

    – Eric

  8. Anthony says

    This guy has some of the rarest Coin Operated Rides on the planet

  9. Rob Helsley says

    Hi. I have a pink elephant coinop ride for sale. If interested please e-mail me and I can send you pictures. Thank You

  10. Kathy Foster says

    I have the twin ponies and the musical ferris wheel for sale if any one is interested.

  11. Ray Heiser says

    Looking for any airplane or rocket rides

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