Vintage Kiddo: Retro Roundup

Goooooooood Monday lil buckaroos! How was your weekend? We had a really nice and relaxing one. We had some out of town friends visiting, Wolfie had his final t-ball game and then we all went and saw Toy Story 3—it was awesome! Kind of a love letter to all Toy Story fans….we really loved it. We saw it at the historic Grand Lake theater in Oakland, CA, which is SO cool and has this great organist who plays before the show. It was fun to see so many adults in the theater as well as kiddos—proof that those genius Pixar peeps know how to tell a grand story that transcends all ages.  GO BUZZ! GO WOODY! Have you seen it? What didja think? The first two movies are among my top fave Pixar movies, I have to say. Followed by Nemo. OK, I’m gettin’ chatty here….ya’ll want vintage clothing? We have it!

For those of you new to Vintage Kiddo Mondays, we take a look at some fun and funky vintage items that will help you keep your child’s wardrobe stylish AND sustainable! The key to wearing vintage for kiddos is to mix and match with modern pieces. A future post is in the works for our Top Style Tips for wearing vintage (kiddo style), but until then, on with the show!

SHAZAAM! Hey, what more can I say. This is adorable…. But can we please talk about the chattering teeth on the counter having a talk with that owl??

From eBay seller: robotparade4kids

This little dressie is the bees knees and is from one of our delicious sponsors, Three Ring Circus Vintage! As an aside she has some CUTE vintage baby announcements in the shop ya’ll (for boys and girls) so head on over and see!

From our sweet friends at 3RingVintage

It’s REVENGE OF THE ROPER!!! We had one of these awesome jumpsuits a few months ago, and this one (which is deadstock vintage, aka NEVER WORN!) is really cute. As an aside, I should acknowledge that technically it’s a Mr. Furley (Don Knott’s character on Three’s Company) who wore the jumpsuit/cravat but its just kind of more fun to say The Roper!

From: eBay Seller CasualWays

This little onesie is great for tucking into a skirt of pinafore. The stripey/polkadot action is sooo indie cool.

McEnroe, eat yer heart out….this Lacoste tennis onesie is posh and Hamptons ready.

From ebay seller niceguy8508

The Health-tex logo was always so cute and iconic to me…..this deadstock item has little kitty/flower ginham shorts and a matching tee. Whoo hoo!

Etsy seller: racracandbuttons

Oh matching dress and coat ensemble, how I love ya.  Greta because the coat would look swell all by its lonesome.

eBay seller lovelove88

Yer kiddo will look cracker jack in this smart lil sailor outfit.

Etsy Seller Fun with Puns

These little sassy overalls get a girlish twist with the ruffle strappies. Mmmmm. Ruffles.

From Our Lady of Vintage, LishyLooVintage

I’ve never seen a 60s indie boy mod sweater in ONESIE form…..and yet here we are:

From our pal,  Etsy seller: Oh Sydney

And we end with ……Truman! Alas, the young lad is not up for grabs with the hat, but look how fetching this little heartbreaker is in his patchwork sunhat. Adorable on boys or girls. Oh Truman, how we love ya.

Yes, of course. From his stylish mama over at LishyLoo Vintage

Ahhhh, I always love looking at these sassy duds, don’t you? That’s it for today. Stick around because Le Dottie has some more fun vintage goodies up her sleeve for later this afternoon! Oh and say, if you ever have a hot tip (vintage, modern, fab sale, cool item you scored at Target or Gap, insanely awesome boutique clothing or even just a question……EMAIL US! We love to hear from you and are always on the prowl for new cool posts!)

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