Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Brrrrrr!!!  Friends, I don’t know about you, but where we are in the Bay Area, we are shivering in our timbers this weekend. With nightly temps in the HIGH THIRTIES! Eeek! All the more reason to stay inside with a nice mug of hot cocoa and some QT time on Ebay and Etsy to come up with a dandy selection of vintage goodies for you all. And we have some real treats this week from zee old Internet!

Is it wrong of me to squeal with joy when I see a tag that says, “100 percent acrylic”?  Then you know how excited I was to find this adorable U. S. of Yay plaid ruffle shirt from Ebay seller, meldarr.

Check out this darling little fire and ice vintage shirt that takes care of your little one’s love of fireman AND bowling all in one swoop!  From Etsy seller, FreckledHen5.

If the Peach didn’t have the most impossibly wide, stubby widdle feet in the world, I’d go nuts buying her darling vintage shoes like these two tone beauts from Ebay seller, On The Hill Antiques.

Who but the French would have create such a bad-ass version of overalls? How very Girbaud! Oh, for the helicopter cuteness of it all! From Etsy seller, Petit bon homme vintage.

Peter Pan collar + piping = perfection in this little vintage number.  AND under $8.00—that is just too good to not bid on, if you ask me.  From Ebay seller, Indio Earth.

One must channel their inner J.J. from Good Times–because truly, this vintage  sweater is DINOMITE!  Just look at those eyes, for heavens sake–he’s BEGGING to go home with you!  From the Vintage Nursery.

The perfect vintage plaid pants to wear to the miniature golf course for a couple of rounds and a few martinis. From Ebay seller, Messanger78.

I’m such a huge fan of these stripey shirts such as this vintage goodie from Etsy seller, Baby Come Back.

I love a good windowpane plaid and this vintage sky blue flannel shirt is such a total keeper. I think my husband would like it to come in his size… From Etsy seller, Get Lucky Vintage.

Help your little girl embrace her inner Holly Hobby with this sweet vintage dress and pinafore combo. Really. It’s like two dresses in one.  I love. From favorite Ebay seller, Lady Jane Vintage.

Speaking of Holly Hobby, if you get that dress above, you should also get these grand vintage Holly Hobbie dollies.

Now there’s a good kiddo birthday party theme–bring it back old school with Holly Holly and play  videos of Little House on the Prairie in the background. YEAH!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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