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An Idea for the Peach’s 2nd Birthday!

Yesterday Dottie asked you guys for fun-but-simple ideas for the Peach’s 2nd birthday party. I looooove all the clever ideas you guys threw out there! (the train party ideas all sounded SO great…)

I wanted to throw another idea in the mix…here’s my thinking. At age two your child KINDA knows what’s going on at their birthday, but you can still get away with calling all the shots. So why not throw a colorful fun party that the Peach will appreciate but YOU will looooooove. Yes Miss Dottie, I’m talkin’ a Matryoshka Party!

We can dial this sucker up and get crazy or we can keep it simple and sweet. Check it out! We begin with a simple piece of fabric as a lovely backdrop.

Add some colorful balloons, because really….who doesn’t love a nice red balloon?

images: mama_lindsay

For our invitations, perhaps these cuties from Draw!Pilgrim:

(these would also make smashing THANK YOU cards!)

Next question…..cake or cupcakes? This cake is sure adorable:

image: re-visao

…but with these adorable matryoshka toppers, simple cupcakes could look spectacular too!

Get them on Etsy from Paper Circus here.

Of course you’ll probably want to splurge on these nesting doll measuring cups to facilitate your baking. It seems only right! (nab them at Urban Outfitters)

For cute decor, and a fun toy for the kiddos, try these sweet peg people! Available on Etsy from my friend amy.

image: stephmodo

To keep the Peach entertained, a fun game of “Pin the Ribbon on the Matryoshka” might be just the ticket! (or perhaps “Pin the Babushka on the Matryoshka”??)

(You’ll have to check out Stephmodo’s cute spin on a Matryoshka Party!)

For a goodie bag—or even a fun and easy wrapping embellishment—simply cut out photos of Matryoshka dolls and glue them to crafty brown bags:

image: june at noon

Or you can get a little fancy and try something like this:

These appliques are darling, huh:

I think the Peach would looooove to push these little cuties around in her shopping cart! And I’d wrap them in a box, inside a box, inside a box! How fun for a little one to open up “nesting” presents??

from Etsy seller: regal cottage

Another gift idea…although I’m not sure who will enjoy this tea set more, YOU or the Peach! It’s pure stink town cuteness…..

Get the little cutie tea set from Urban Outfitters. (Which is apparently Matryoshka Outfitters)

Speaking of outfitters, you’ll need to dress your cutie in something fab. This little skirt is adorable and comes in a bunch of toddler sizes:

Buy one from Etsy seller valeriya.

And then for the stylish hostess mama….

You can get this one for you! From Made By Hannah

So there you have it! I think this could be easy peasy and super adorable! Whatever you decide on I just know it’s going to be smashing!

PS  And if you’re feeling reeeeeeally ambitious, you can make these little cookies. Hello Matryoshka!

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19 Responses

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  1. jill says

    oh my word! every picture i was like awe, that is the cutest! haha what a cute party that would be! also? i saw go with the cake AND cupcakes! 🙂

  2. lishyloo says

    this is the cutest thing i have ever seen, i think i might have just died.

    you could get a bunch of scarves from the thrift and dress up as the dollies too. yes.

  3. lishyloo says

    also, can i come?

  4. RocketGirl says

    That TEA SET! It’s just too much! I love!

    • Dottie says

      I know, right? I might have to buy that for myself anyway!

  5. Dottie says

    Alix–you know me so well. You know I’m totally obsessed with those russian nesting dolls.

    So co-party planner, ready to help? Mwa ha ha ha!!!!

    • Alix says

      Hahaha….i know, I was thinking, “Shoot, I guess I should have offered to bake all the cupcakes!!”
      Some friend, huh! haha

  6. 3 ring circus • heather says

    what a great idea!!! and those hello kitty cookies whoa!!!!

  7. danielle thompson says

    such CUTE ideas! LOVE! have fun planning dottie!

  8. Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids says

    Very vintage-cool birthday idea (I would expect no less from you) and I vote for the cake!

  9. Dottie says

    Would it be wrong of me to use that first image as the invitations?

    • Alix says

      I can make a one with the dates and stuff!

  10. Dottie says

    Oh and could we talk about that Made With Love By Hannah skirt? Because I already own one and I love it to bits! I clearly need to add that to my wardrobe!!!

  11. Spitfire says

    I’ve seen blank Matryoshka sets in Japantown (at the big bookstore Kinokunaya, or something close to that name). One of the display sets had been painted like Star Wars characters, but one could easily paint or decoupage, say, the Peach and her family, if one was feeling slap-dash-crafty!

  12. pilgrim says

    *cough* draw! pilgrim matryoshka mini cards could be cute invitaaaaaaaaaaations! *plug plug plug plug* haha is it jet lag or is it just shamelessness? YOU decide!

    • Alix says

      wait, HOW did I miss your matryoshka mini cards!?!?!?!?! Updating NOW!!!!

  13. kristen says

    a matryoshka is a wonderful idea!
    miss olive has a matryoshka coat by oilily….so matryoshka’s are now on her ‘cool radar’

  14. Kelsey Rene' says

    I love this idea. I’ve been very into matryoshkas lately. The “pin the bow..” is such a presh idea!!

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