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Yee Haw! It’s time for the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up

Hello friendo!

It’s Alix here today. Did ya’ll have a great Father’s Day? The weather here was bee-yoo-ti-ful! We had an early Little League game with Wolfie and then a leisurely brunch… so nice! Of course I still managed to squeeze in a little evening of e-thrifting to scare up some really fun goodies for you guys.

First up is this crazy cute little 4T smocked dressie. Can’t you totally see a little girl wearing this while running through the summer grass, blowin’ bubbles?? From the fine folks at babycomeback.

These wee little size 5 toddler sneaks are just too adorable. Great for kickin’ around the playground! From fun Etsy seller tinsel and wheat.

And these little grey ones? Oh sheesh, too awesome! From the super cute ladies over at pussycat vintage (they’re a size 6 1/2! the shoes, that is…).

Oooh mama, if you have a little girlie who wears a 4 or 5 you’re in luck! This mod sunflower dress is too good. From volenskavintage.

This sweet little strawberry shortcake dressie will keep yer little lady cool and stylish all summer long! From our girl Amanda, over at kyssa vintage. No tag but she estimates it’s about a 12 month or so!

I think paint by numbers rock and these would look so adorable in a kiddo bedroom! From  hellcat vintage

Aaaaaaay! This tee is the bomb and has Wolfie’s name written all over it! I can’t even tell you how much I love it! Great for a 5-8 year old. From the sassy pants duo at robot parade for kids.

Heather, Heather, Heather…where do you find it all? I loved the little red gingham top but then realized it was part of a shortie set. KA-yoot! Yep. From 3 Ring Circus Vintage. Size 6-9 month.

I think a cool jacket is a great basic for kiddos and this lightweight zippy number is perfect! From my buddy Jeannette at sweet shop vintage. For a dapper 18-24 months.

She also has this mega rad vintage alphabet blocks. They’re made out of a plasticky material and  would be great for spelling out kiddo names on a shelf! Again from sweet shop vintage.

“Hello? Hello? Yes, hi…. it’s time to wash your hair kiddo!” This bubble bath phone keeels me. From Etsy seller Kirbybeaz.

Ahhh, Health-Tex is a stand by here at Modern Kiddo. Bold colors and cute details, but never too precious! Love the lace detail on the top, but kids will appreciate the comfy cotton. From the lovely stephaniepress. For a 12 month old.

Buster Brown made super cool shoes back in the day, but they also had a fun clothing line (tres Health Tex, I must say!). This stripey goodness is a size 2T. From the groovy star friends on earth.

It’s not easy being green, but it’s sure easy being cute in this little thang! (badum- bum!) I’m loving this awesome romper from my girl, Alicia at Lishy Loo Vintage.

If you’ve been a Modern Kiddo reader for a while, then you know I love the storybook charm of Irmi lamps….and this one does not disappoint! The hat on the whale? Fuggetaboutit!! From my sassy gal, fuzzy mama.

OK, one of my many other vintage obsessions are the Paper Dresses made in the sixties. I loooooove this paper play romper! “Disposable fashions to fling in – then fling out!”  It is marked a child’s size 10-12, but vintage runs small so I’m sure it would fit more of a size 8- 10. From the fun peeps over at coincidinky.

Thhhhhhat’s all for now folks! HAPPY MONDAY!

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11 Responses

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  1. lishyloo says

    killer round up per the usual! paper dresses crack me up! and you have me completely addicted to irmi now. happy monday!

  2. 3 ring circus • heather says

    oh oh oh i love those letters! i remember them! we had some!!!

  3. Felicity says

    wonderful stuff. wonderful colors. funny I just stumbled across a box of my paper dolls and there they were, my Fonzie paper dolls. Ayyyyy.

  4. kyssa vintage says

    Alix, you rock!

  5. Fuzzymama says

    Love those little gym shoes!!! Fab pics!!

  6. Dottie says

    That Fonzie shirt is killing me! And don’t even get me started on the cuteness that is the paper dress! Did you ever wear one of those paper dresses? What is the story behind them?

  7. jeannie says

    Oh man, that Fonzie shirt rocks! Thanks for featuring a couple of my items with all these goodies!

  8. Amber Liddle says

    I’m telling you, the Fonz is amazing. I have got to get down to his statue and take pictures 🙂 And I love the blue sneaks, I saw those this week and had to force myself not to get them.

  9. Cindy A. says

    I had no idea my paintings were featured here! Thank you so much, Alix. 🙂


    • Alix says

      Aw glad you found it, Cindy! I see they sold the day we posted this too! Whoo hoo!!! Your shop rocks!!

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