Hurrah for Monday because it’s…

It is finally getting cool in the Bay Area!  The first real rainstorm and boy was it nice to get cozy and break out the sweaters.  And rain is the best weather for spending time perusing Etsy and Ebay for the finest vintage goodies around.


One of my favorite people just opened up an Etsy shop, the Knickknacks filled with kiddo cuteness!  Like this perfect little blue and white checked baby girl dressie with cross stitch flowers. FOR ONLY EIGHT BUCKS.

I can’t say no to this cozy little “fur” jacket! With marching soldiers no less!  From Etsy seller Ms. Tips! But then again, I think Ms. Tips has my number when it comes to making me giddy with vintage kiddo goodness!

WHOA!  My Dad brought this back for my brothers when he went to China in 1980! We’d never seen anything like it at the time!  We spent HOURS playing this and used to have a sign up sheet to play it.  Now, I think the Peach’s nightlight has a better computer in it. From Etsy seller, Nostalgia Mama.

Etsy seller FuzzyMama always finds the best stuff. And this wonderful “fishing sweater” is certainly made of the best stuff! And the kitty following the fish. I. Die. Great find!

Um… This is amazing.  I’m not sure what is written on the chest, but I love it! The flowers. The hearts. Oh, this is killing it with cuteness! From Etsy seller, Potato Cake Vintage.

Last week it was Hello, but today it is HI!  And hi to this cute little top! Love it! Enough, Etsy seller, SweetShop Vintage. Enough.

Lots to do!  Isn’t that just the kiddo manifesto? Love this book! From Etsy seller, Ismoyo’s Vintage Playground.

For the aspiring Jackie Bouvier Kennedy out there!  This suit is for her! From our girl, Lishyloo!

child's pink dress, vintage

I’m not really a Mickey Mouse fan, but I’m making an exception for this sweet driving Mickey sweater. From Etsy seller, Oliver’s Forest.

I love cool packaging and putting these puzzles in tubes is kinda genius. And cool looking! From Etsy seller, Blue June’s Retro Deco!

The name of this board game is so wrong.  And the tag line is, “If you are a born loser, you’ll win this game!”  Hmm… But I bet it’s just as much fun as the real thing!  From Etsy seller, Fun Elegance.

Happy Monday!

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