Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up & Alt Summit Sneak Peek!

Hi hi, everyone, we are back from Altitude Design Summit and hoo boy don’t we have some grand stories to share with you! We had so much that I almost didn’t do the vintage kiddo retro round up today except I had to share THIS with you all…

Vintage red jumper featuring the Muppet Show’s Rowlf.  Well played eBay seller, Assortment of Appeal.

Vintage Snoopy shortalls, anyone? Yes PLEASE! Perfect for summer coming up. And since the Bay Area has been having crazy fabulous weather in the seventies… Thanks Etsy seller, 3 Ring Circus for always having terrific goodies like this on your site.

Who doesn’t love a little tiger slugger two piece outfit on their little slugger, eh? From eBay seller, Armybrat2-kp.

Once again, a great example of something I want in my size! Oh, this yummy mustard fur-lined bit of vintage goodness.  And did you look at the button placket?  I. Die.  From Etsy seller, Dethrosevintage.

Check out this kitty-tastic baby blue vintage sweater from Etsy seller Frecklewonder! The bowl of milk too. Just too adorable to not be included!

I must admit that vintage clowns on children’s clothing is something I usually stay away from, but these widdle vintage corduroy shoes just had to be shared. From Ebay seller, agreatbeauty127.

I know the bow tie is making a wonderful comeback, but you just have to give props to an old fashion tie.  And oh, Etsy seller Hart&Sew I love this vintage tie you have in your shop right now.

And Lish, oh Lishyloo–really, how do you find these great vintage kid clothing, like mushroom shirt in this amazing mushroom shirt in size 12/14–who says you can’t find a good vintage in big sizes.

Oh and check out these items… cute, right?

Well, unfortunately they were already purchased. By me!

In some real-life thrifting as part of Alt Summit.  Yup! Alt Summit!  And that is just the tippy tip tip of the overall dazzling mind blowing time we had at Alt. Oh, the stories… Tee hee!

Expect more about Alt sooooon!!!

PS! The fabulous Apartment Therapy & Ohdeedoh have just announced the 2011 Homies Awards and we would be so pleased if you would nominate Modern Kiddo! Click HERE to do so. THANK YOU!!!

10 thoughts on “Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up & Alt Summit Sneak Peek!

  1. 1. rolf jumper, i die.

    2. peach is the cutest thing on the planet, honest to god.

    3. that pic with the look of determination. yes.

    4. mushroom shirt! it has some paint on it but man, that puppy is GENIUS!!

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