Vintage Kiddo Retro Round up! With Easter Magic!

How did it get to be end of March already! We’ve already suffered through the indignity of springing forward our clocks but have been given a wonderful added hour of sunlight in the evenings.  And we are that much closer to EASTER.  Drugstores are full of chocolate bunnies and Cadbury creme eggs begging to be eaten.  And of course there are sweet little Easter outfits to buy too. And if there was ever a time to try out vintage clothing, it would be for a pretty Easter dress and bonnet.  So, I’m going to focus on sunny springy outfits and goodies this week and next!

Let the vintage Easter Parade begin!

Any little girl wearing this lacy pinky dress is going to get extra jelly beans in her basket.  From Ebay seller, MouseVox Vintage.


Now, I must admit, I’ve had a rough tumble with some bunny books (ahem) but this vintage Rand McNally one looks like a perfect read on Easter Sunday.  From Etsy seller, Elizabeth Wren Vintage.

If there is ever a time for boys to wear sweet spring ties it is for Easter—like this dapper checkered bow tie from Etsy seller, Garret and Grace.

Sometimes Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet and you gal needs a cover up, like this lemon-drop yellow knit poncho.   From Ebay seller, Lillybelle38.

Can’t you just imagine this sweet little Easter bunny pulling a cart full of yummy Easter candy? Oh yeah! From Ebay seller, Jimpackers12.

Oh, this darling vintage sky blue jacket. With flowers? So yummy.  From Etsy seller, Poppy&Bean.

I love the idea putting a couple of these festive Easter magnets in the basket.  Really, is there anything cuter than a wee rabbit in a watering can? From Etsy seller, Emma Dear.

Oh, good gravy–if this isn’t the sweetest little spring romper? And it still has the tags on it. Whee!!! From Etsy seller, This Vintage Thing.

Speaking of Easter baskets, I’m kinda falling in love with this charming litho  vintage tin one. So charming, eh? From Ebay seller, Old Stuff Sue.

I couldn’t possibly do an Easter post without an Easter bonnet.  And I must say, the pickings were rather slim, but I did find this little gem–covered with poppies and I’m sure would be a delight for any little girl to wear, don’t you think? From Etsy seller, Myrtle Dove Love.

Happy Monday, friends! Stay tuned for more vintage goodness this afternoon. Alix has a fun vintage Disney post coming up you won’t want to miss!!


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