Have a slice of pie with m.o.m.

The wonderful mom and daughter team behind m.o.m., one of my favorite kiddo clothing designers, is celebrating its third annual pie day! Hurrah!

Ms. Bethany and her mom are throwing a party and invited YOU!  It’s all about pie and aprons and fun gifties and oh my goodness, did I mention the pie?  Mmmhmmm….

And you get to hang out with all of this charming people! Yes, please!

So, if you are in the L.A./San Diego/Encinita land, why not hop in your car and zoom on down for a nice slice of pie and a fun time this weekend?

Oooh there are some good pies to make too!  How about a Peach melba pie?

Enjoy your weekend! May it be filled with pie and hugs and kisses and long naps!



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