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Vintage Swim Cappy Happy

 photo swimcap_4.jpg

The sunny days of summer are here….and there is nothing more I love than lounging at the swimming pool! Back in the day, ladies wore swim caps to help preserve their fabulous hairdos. Eventually these swim caps went beyond function and turned into straight up fashion, with little florettes and fun colors. These 1950s swim caps are faaabulous. C’mon, let’s take a look. I promise you’ll be searching eBay for your very  own….

 photo vint_swimcap3.jpg

 photo vint_swimcap6.jpg

 photo vint_swimcap2.jpg

 photo vint_swimcap4.jpg

 photo vint_swimcap7.jpg

 photo vintagecaps_0.jpg

 photo vint_swimcap1.jpg

 photo vint_swimcap5.jpg

{images from the life magazine archives photographed by ralph crane}

And then of course, there is this. The Punch & Judy Swim Cap Fashion Show. WHOA.

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3 Responses

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  1. jenny says

    THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I’m living in the wrong era.

  2. Moe says

    Oh my god, these are AMAZEBALLS. You always find the greatest stuff!

  3. Eartha Kitsch says

    Those are so great. I especially love the kitty one! It would be so easy to decorate our own swim caps with designs like that. it looks like they just used some kind of felt. Okay, I don’t actually *own* a swim cap but if I did? TOTALLY.

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