Baby You Can Park My Car :: Vintage Toy Garage Fun.

image: dogboneart

One of my favorite toys of all time is the little Fisher Price garage. You may remember it from my vintage Fisher Price post last year. As I said back then, the elevator was really the best….all open-air and your Little Person perilously close to plunging to his or her death all for the sake of a parking space. So good!

What I didn’t realize was that vintage toy garages were kind of a “thing”. I discovered these adorable vintage toy garages when I was researching old doll houses, and WOW. They are so cool. They almost look like little architectural models. I think they’d be fun to play with but they are also kind of amazing to display on a book shelf. I think I’m gonna go out on a limb here and just say it—mini retro gas stations are the new globe, ya’ll. Check it out:

image: alte-parkhaeuser

Pretty amazing, eh? No wonder this guy looks so pleased. Although hmmm…..I think someone forget to bring him the cars to go inside the garage.

Image: Vintage Toy Garage

15 thoughts on “Baby You Can Park My Car :: Vintage Toy Garage Fun.

  1. Are you kidding me, Alix? This is AMAZING! Outstanding collection to say the least!

    I still remember that yarny like twine that connected the gas nozzle to the gas tank.


  2. I had no idea these were a thing either! I thrifted the FP garage right before Christmas. Found it at Value Village for just $10. Definitely more than I normally spend on a thrifted toy – but obviously this was an exceptional circumstance. Now I’m on the hunt for little people and cars!

    1. My mom and uncles had a Fisher Price garage, and my cousins, brother and I used to play with it all the time as kids when we visited with my grandparents. Sadly, my grandparents have been going through “give away everything” phases the last few years and they gave away the garage before any of us could take it home.
      Maybe I’ll be able to find another one for my son….

  3. do you know anyone who sells fisher price garage like you have at the front of your site new would be nice or excellent condition used one thank you

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