We are ever so thankful…..

In fall of 2009, we launched Modern Kiddo. To our knowledge, it was one of the first blogs devoted to celebrating the vintage lifestyle of our childhood. We knew people loved the memories they had of the 70s and 80s. And we knew people were as excited by vintage clothing as we were—in fact, many of our dearest bloggie friends already had wonderful vintage shops. So we thought, hoped, prayed that people would love our crazy little world as much as we did. And you know what? You did. You came in droves, sharing stories and memories. We scooped up gorgeous vintage kiddo clothing. We’ve bonded over our love of The Muppets and amazing old school board games. We yearned for the fun of the 70s playground and awesome road trips in the family station wagon. We learned that those cute little storybook lamps were made by a company called Irmi and discovered the magic of The Nut Tree . We grinned as remembered the awesomeness that was the Ice Capades and heard real 60s stories about slumber parties and prom. And most importantly, we met SO many new and wonderful people!

This blog has been a labor of love and enriched our world in so many ways. We are SO THANKFUL to have you, dear readers, as part of our vintage-lovin’ lives. Thank you thank you…..we can’t wait for another amazing year with all of you!

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