We’re back—and exhausted!

Forgive us for taking a day off, friends. We just flew back from ALT…and boy are our arms tired. (hyuck! hyuck!) It was wonderful and wacky! Exhilarating and exhausting! Thought provoking and memorable….all at the same time. Both of our panels went really well (HURRAY!) and we got to reconnect with so many new friends. One of the best parts about blogger conferences is meeting new friends, and  it was amazing to put faces to all the online names we know. Also, HUGE thanks to all the wonderful readers who came up to us so say hello. Your sweet words really were the highlight of the experience!

We’ll be back later this week with a little recap of our experience and then back to kiddo vintage/style/design as usual. OH! And we didn’t really show up in the same outfit accidentally. Dottie and I scored those awesome matching vintage furry hats at an estate sale and thought it would be hilarious to match! I think I can say that the hats were a hit! Whoo hoo!

8 thoughts on “We’re back—and exhausted!

    1. Marie, that fact that I didn’t even have a chance to chat with you is totally breaking mah heart. But don’t worry–there is possibly Evo! Dream a little dream!

  1. I love you guys! I’m so glad I got to meet both of you, but I wished I’d been able to chat with you more. Next year for sure. In the meantime you should come to Seattle and visit me and Marie! xoxo

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