What was your favorite Brady Bunch moment?

I swear I didn’t watch that much TV as a kid, but man, I feel like I watched every episode of  the TV classic, The Brady Bunch. And I can’t lie…I might have watched it for the fashion. What can I say? Marsha, Cindy, Jan and Mrs. Brady all had some FIERCE style.

But one might ask–what was the Brady Bunch episode non plus ultra? What was your favorite episode? I’m not sure if I could pick a favorite but hmm.. there were some good ones.

Like how about the volcano model accident?

Or when Cindy and Bobby wanted to win the teeter totter world record?

Or the time the boys tried to ruin Marcia’s slumber party by faking ghost encounters!

How about the episode when Cindy was OBSESSED with Shirley Temple?

Or remember when Greg made the entire family dress up as pilgrims for his own student movie? And Mrs. Brady was pissed that it was in color and all of the girls dresses were totally drab?

Or when Marsha was hit by a football in the nose?

Or when Greg and Marsha fought over the attic bedroom?

I would totally rock that plaid ruffle outfit Mrs. Brady is wearing.  WORK IT, CAROL!

Or when Bobby turned into a pool shark?

Or when Marsha got to meet DAVY JONES (I was SOOO jealous!)

Or when Mr. Brady mixed up his architectural plans with Jan’s poster at the amusement park?

Look at Peter rocking on plaid pants and velvet sports coat AND an Easter basket?

Two words: PORK CHOPS AND APPLE SAUCE!!! (Hee hee! Moriah!)

Or when Greg accidentally dyed his hair blonde?

Or the whole trip to Hawaii? Man, what I wouldn’t do for these sassy tiki ensembles.

Oh, the list goes on and on. AND ON! Don’t you wish you could watch it right now?

Well, guess what?  You can! I’m so excited. For the first time EVER, full episodes of The Brady Bunch are available online for free at CBS.com. You can even tell ’em what your favorite Brady Bunch scene or episode is on the CBS You Tube page and then check back later in July to see if it makes the cut!

Image via: Zinc TV

Looks like the “Fender Bender” episode did make it! You remember that one. That was the one where Mr. Brady threw the briefcase on the floor of the courtroom to get they guy in the neck brace to turn around proving he was lying! Quick thinking, Mr. B!

PS: I’m not going to even TALK about Oliver…


16 thoughts on “What was your favorite Brady Bunch moment?

  1. Hilarious! It’s on every night here in Brisbane, Australia, at 5:30pm. All six of us sit down and watch it! I’m in love with Mike Brady, though am shocked that his biggest archictectural dilemma is Greg’s new bedroom.

    C’mon Mike! Conceptualise the attic, already!

  2. I LOVED the Brady Bunch!! I think the amusement park one and the hawaii one stand out in my mind. I was completely shocked when my husband said he’d never watched it. NEVER? How can you live your life for 30 years and never see an episode of the Brady Bunch??? Insane!

    1. I have a friend who grew up without TV and she misses half of the pop culture references out there. She too didn’t get any of the Brady Bunch episodes.

      I’m really excited re-watch them and see if they are still as mesmerizing to me now as they were then.

  3. For some reason, my favorite one was when they were told not to play ball in the house but they did anyway and broke that vase. They tried to glue it back together but water came pouring out of it. That one sticks in my head for some reason! Or when Marsha got her nose broken. Or when Cindy had a secret admirer but it was really only Bobby! Okay, maybe I like that show too much. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Well, Mom always said, “Don’t play ball in the house!”

      I have to admit that I don’t remember the secret admirer for Cindy episode. FIE!

  4. Oooh Dottie I loooove that we can watch them again!!!
    I loved this show so much and I think I recognized every episode you mentioned! I have to confess that I contrary to what you guys might think, I didn’t really watch it for the fashions….at least, not to knowinhgly. I think I was just totally transfixed by this HUGE “All American” family and…… I just thought they were really cool. haha It was one of the few shows with lots of young kids being semi-normal (aka, they weren’t in a band or being chased around by giant Puff-n-Stuff style puppets)!!!

    I’m sure subconsciously I liked what they were wearing too. I def had a “thing” for Cindy’s hair!!!! (boys were gross, so I didn’t appreciate the rad stylin’s of the stripey tees haha) I actually remember not liking Mrs Brady’s shag. As a young girl I wanted loooooong flowing locks on all my girls!! haha

    YAY for watching the full episodes!! Love this post!

    1. For some reason, I loved the fashions on the show! Particularly the shoes! Go figure!

      Don’t even get me started on the awesomeness that was Cindy’s hair! J’adore. Yeah–Carol Brady’s weird shag thing still hasn’t made it back.

  5. ooooh, I love love love love love this show! We didn’t have tv till I was 11, and Brady Bunch back-to-back episodes were on right after school and I devoured them, and watched them every time I could find them on until I was well into my 20s. The fireworks kissing/mumps episode is a favorite, as well as any one with Cousin Oliver who looked to me like a tiny John Denver. Bonus! God, I wanted to BE Marsha. I TOTALLY identified with Jan because I was a middle child. I crushed on Bobby and Peter–NEVER Greg. I love Alice, and wished she’d come live in our house. I wanted Mr. Brady to be my Dad. thank you!

  6. I loved an early episode when Bobby got a set of drums. I just remember him playing all the time with a dumb look on his face through the whole episode. I also loved when the kids had a bunch of green stamps (remember those?) and were fighting over who would get the prize so they built a house of cards and Jan or Marcia (it’s was probably that JAN) had a charm bracelet that was always about to knock the thing over and then the damn dog ended up knocking it over but somehow that meant the girls lost so the boys said, EFF YOU, WE’RE GETTING A ROWBOAT and the girls were all “YOU SUCK” and when they came back, the girls had a sewing machine. Yay. At least that’s how I remember it. Maybe the boys lost and the girls got a boat or they got a TV. I just remember the house of cards!

  7. oh and also bobbie going on a date with greg and getting him to put the top down and then opening an umbrella and then greg closed the top and the umbrella poked a hole through and bobby freaked out and was moving the thing up and down and then when they got home there was HELL to pay, I tell ya. (I always wished the bradys were my parents. they never yelled!).

    1. Me thinks you might have had a bit of a crush on Bobby, Lynn. I’m just reading between the lines here, but…

      I LOVED the whole green stamps episode and remember when Tiger came in and got them all stuck to him. BTW, who names a DOG Tiger? Lame!

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