Two Worlds Collided :: The Bird Meets The Wolf

I love meeting blog pals in real life. And friends, let me tell you it was like the Power Hour of cuteness this Tuesday. My lovely friend James (bleubird vintage) came to San Francisco and together with my other rockin’ pal Tracy (shutterbean) we had a most fantastic afternoon!

photo: bleubird

James lives in Houston and she and her fiance Aubrey came to SF for a visit. We were all looking forward to meeting up and spending the day together. We hadn’t planned it inititally, but the kiddos ended up coming along for the afternoon too, which added a whole extra cute element to the day.

Wolfie had never met Tracy’s boy Cooper but you’d have thought they were old pals! Cooper was quite taken with the Wolf cub and I think Wolfie felt quite pleased to play the role of “the big kid.”

{um how CUTE is the little Coop???}

We decided to head on up to Cha Cha Cha on Haight. It’s one of my favorite places to eat, especially with a small group—tasty tapas and yummy pitchers of sangria!

photo: shutterbean

After lunch, little Cooper had his driver come collect him (aka his papa) but thankfully Tracy stuck around. Thanks Casey!

We took a little walk down Haight Street where we made at pitstop at the awesome Amoeba Records. Wolfie wanted to find “the We Will Rock You band” (heh….Queen…one of his faves).

Next stop, GOLDEN GATE PARK, our version of Central Park. People the weather was gorgeous. GORGEOUS. We sat on a blanket and munched on some crazy peanut butter bacon cookies Tracy had made for everyone. Um, yeah. I said PEANUT BUTTER BACON. I know this will either sound amazing or gross to you…but I assure you, they were DELECTABLE!!!!! I was nervous (i tried bacon chocolate and didn’t like it one bit). The bacon pieces were finely chopped and added a nice salty tang. Mmmm. Cookies.

photo: shot by aubrey from a tree in Golden Gate Park. i love it!

Little Gemma Bird is a beeyootiful baby. Just one of those little sweeties you want to hug on all day!

It was so weird-but-cool seeing Wolfie and Gemma together. James and I have been friends for over a year and have seen snippets of each others lives through our blogs, but we had never actually met in person. A twitter friend said seeing our two bloggy worlds together reminded her of when TV shows do double episodes—kinda like Law and Order: SF meets CSI: Houston. I love it!

Wolfie thought Aubrey (Jame’s feller) was very cool…he was especially impressed with his tree climbing skillz!

Wolfie was such an awesome kiddo all day. I was so proud of him, hangin’ with the grown ups and being all silly cute. Baby Gemma was also a little doll.

We packed it up and headed back to Japantown where James and Aubrey were staying. We ladies were having such a fun time that we still wanted to hang. Greg came to get the Wolf cub so I could still hang out with the girls. Tracy and I have had lots of lovely lunch dates but had never had the luxury of a whole day together, so that was really grand!

When Greg drove up to the hotel he jokingly said, “So I assume you guys are going up to Fillmore to check out the marc by marc jacobs store??” We all looked at each other like, “Ooooooh, now that you mention it!” Fillmore was a short walk away and it was an excellent idea. We all love pretty things and we did some fun window shopping.

We popped into Jonathan Adler and a wonderful kid’s boutique called Mudpie. This onesie says, “So my story begins…” Very sweet.

The Fillmore Bakery immediately caught our eye. It’s a daughter and pop establishment and had crazy good macarons! Passion fruit, salted caramel…..mmm.

Our final stop of the day was a lovely ladies dinner at Delfina on Fillmore. We had blood orange mimosas and shared some very tasty pizzas.

Dinner with bloggers means yes….many photos were taken! I will say we don’t have a ton of each other and I think that’s a testament to the fact that we really just had a grand time talking and walking and kinda forgot about photos.

I have to say it was one of the nicest /funnest/ most mellow chill days I’ve spent in a long time! I have the feeling the three of us will be meeting up again soooooon.

Special thanks to miss james & tracy bean for a most fabulous day! Next date, Houston??

Both of these ladies have amazing blogs. Many of you are probably familiar with them already but if not, be sure to swing by bleubird and shutterbean. You won’t be disappointed! Oh, and you can see their posts about the day here and here!

21 thoughts on “Two Worlds Collided :: The Bird Meets The Wolf

  1. Whee!!! That looks like so much fun. FIE being stuck in my office with piles of work!

    Yay! I love Fillmore Street! I used to live within walking distance.

    And now I have such a desire to go to Cha Cha Chas!

  2. we missed you dottie! you we’re there in spirit!

    wow alix! your phone takes great pictures! i miss you guys already. sniff sniff tear. next stop…. HOUSTON TOWN with jenny perhaps. hula too? 😉

    love to you & that amazing little wolfie.

      1. you ladies are AWESOME. I had sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun with you. SO MUCH. And how cute are our kids?!! I get all misty seeing Cooper hold hands with Wolfie. Love yous!

  3. WONDERFUL! i am really needing all of those food and drink items right about now. making my tummy growl. and you all look so pretty – that dress!!

    i’m not familiar with shutterbean but am definitely taking a look now! xoxoxoxo

    1. I highly recommend it amber! it’s too much fun and so nice to put a real life face to our great friendships. I feel lucky living in San Francisco because we our pretty city gets a lot of visitors, so it makes meet ups easier. I will say that before we did this we did a little video chat /Skype meet up! It’s a fun way to try it too. You keep giggling because its sorta weird but it was really fun!

  4. I did such a double take seeing a pic of Wolfie and Gemma Bird come up in my RSS feed! My brain took a second to catch up and then I realised “hey, what’s going on here! Two of my favourite bloggers’ kiddos in the same picture?”

    Gosh I wish I could have hung out in San Fran and had Sangria with you all. And my oh my what brilliant taste in shoes you all have. Ok, well it’s back to winter in Sydney after all those lovely summer pictures!

    1. haha, aw I’m so glad to hear that! We wish you could have come here too. We need to have an Australian Annual visit where a bunch of you amazing aussies head out our way!!

    1. aw what a lovely email! so the red pointy shoes are from PAYLESS believe it or not! We all loved Tracy’s shoes and she ‘fessed up that they were easy-peasy Payless.

      1. NO! I’m so disappointed. Now I want nothing to do with any of you. JK LOLOLOLOL Wait- I meant your shoes, I think. The sneaker-y looking shoes. I even made sure I matched your dress with that in other photos so I knew who to ask.

        1. oooh hee. well i didn’t want to be presumptuous and think you meant MY shoes…haha. they are miu miu from like 7 years ago. i see them on ebay every once in a while. they are super comfy!!

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