When the Bicentennial was THE Fourth of July


Of course Independence day is always a blast.  Parades, grilling and hanging with friends on this special day.  But in 1976, it was so much more. It was the BICENTENNIAL!

It was a time when Betsy Ross became a fashion icon.





And everything was covered in red white and blue! Even beer!


And the parades! Oh, they were awesome!

But if we are going to talk about parades, there is one place that really rocks parades.  That would be of course…




Every now and then you find wonderful remnants of this groovy time when people loved history! Like this great fire hydrant.


And if you are lucky, you’ll find a little reminder of the Bicentennial in your pocket.

I just can’t help but smile every time I find one of them.

Have a great fourth of July, friends!




7 thoughts on “When the Bicentennial was THE Fourth of July

    1. I love those bicentennial pants! I’ve been eyeing them in your shop for awhile! And can Tova be any cuter in that little yankee doodle dandy outfit? I think not! She’s such a little love! I’m a BIG Tova fan!

  1. I loooooooooooooved the Bicentennial. I think I might have actually seen that Disney Parade too (i’ll have to check with my mom!). I’m a big red, white and blue fan—I think because its so very Wonder Woman. But as awesome as this entire post was, I have to say I smiled the most at the end because it’s SO TRUE! I loooooove getting a 1976 quarter. Something about them is just awesome. Fabulous!

    1. OMG! Right? I totally adore getting a 1976 quarter–it was so special! I think of it every time I get one of the fancy new state quarters. It’s nice and all, but the Bicentennial quarters are the best ones!

  2. I save those bicentennial quarters. Zane has been collecting them since we were kids. I have no idea how many she has now. During one of our prolonged “life gets in the way” absences, I squirreled away 10 of them to give to her.

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