Five minute sanity saver :: a hook for my purse.

I am a true believer in the saying, “every thing has its space and every space has its thing.”

And I needed a space for my purse.  I grew up believing that it was bad luck to put your purse on the ground and I hate the thought of putting it on a chair. But what I really hate is spending ten minutes in the morning looking for my purse.

We recently upgraded our IKEA Expedit with a nice vintage secretary that has all sorts of little nooks for misc. papers and drawers to hold mittens and magazines. But the top was too narrow to support my purse and it just looked messy on top.

Then, I had an AHA moment.

I found a jaunty little drawer pull at Anthropologie in the clearance section for $2.99 and had an idea just crazy enough that I thought it might work…

Two minutes with a drill and voila–a perfectly sturdy hook to keep my happy purse off the floor on the side of the secretary.

What is your AHA organizing moment?  A little five minute trick that saved you quite a bit of sanity?

2 thoughts on “Five minute sanity saver :: a hook for my purse.

  1. I love it! My purse goes shoved up in a corner on my drawers, out of the kiddo’s reach.

    My favorite aha organizing moment lately is my husband’s little invention for storing the Sunday paper: a napkin holder! Drilled into the side of the wine rack, it keeps the paper off the floor and neatly folded until it’s replaced the next Sunday.

  2. I love it. I have a lot of organizing ah ha moments, but I need a lot more. I’m most happy with two things: using my mail organizer by the door as an outbox only. Nothing comes in…only out. And I put a cute bowl near the dvds. If you find a dvd with no case, it goes in the bowl. if you find a dvd case with no dvd, look in the bowl.

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