Alix’s Closet: Bundling Up in the Cold.

When we travel to Michigan I always have to rethink my wardrobe. What’s cold to us here in the Bay Area (say the low 30s)  is child’s play out there (where weather can dip well below zero). And I usually find myself woefully unprepared. Snow boots? Huh? What about all my cute lil shoes?? But because we didn’t have any snow this time, I didn’t have to sweat the footwear and I could even wear tights. Whooo hoo!

I found this sassy green coat at Old Navy last year and I love it. The collar is actually separate. It’s a fluffy, fuzzy, faux fur dealie I got at H&M and I love it! It kind of transforms any coat—not to mention keeps me cozy.

Oh and here’s what was under that coat….and what I wore on Christmas Eve while helpin’ with dinner.

Accessories are my favorite things….a little hairclip. A fun necklace. A sassy shoe.

Of course the best accessories are sometimes a leetle bit bigger.


7 thoughts on “Alix’s Closet: Bundling Up in the Cold.

  1. EXCUSE ME, this is adorable.

    jeepers where to begin!!!!!!! that sassy fur collar is amazeballs. love all the color, mama! you look amazing AS ALWAYS.

    and greg!!!!!!! officially the most adorable hubby to hit the fashion scene on a blog ever!!! love you two!

  2. That dress is causing much envy right now. I am crazy for polka dots and an accidental fan of the dark blue/green combo. I hate to do this, but may I point you in this direction of two posts to make my point? I promise not to do it again, unless asked. 🙂

    Scroll to bottom of post for polka dots from my closet, and at the top there’s a link to my beautiful burlesque/flamenco polka dotted masterpiece I sewed half the summer:

    In many of my “what I” posts I’m wearing dark blue with green of some sort:

    So, any chance you wanna sell me that dress? 🙂

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