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My parent’s have been visiting us and it’s been awesome. As a special treat, they took me out for a belated birthday dinner. It was just me and them—Wolfie and Greg stayed home. This was highly unusual. My parents hate to go anywhere WITHOUT Wolfie (hee).  It was a real treat for me and something we haven’t done in ages! I wanted to dress up and since I didn’t have Wolfie with me, I took advantage and wore my big ol’ Mary Jane platforms.

Lil Sidebar: Right after I graduated college I was working in a restaurant…as I was clocking out, a new employee (who hadn’t been trained properly) dropped a vat of boiling chicken stock and it splashed across the kitchen and on me. I received third degree burns on both my ankles. It was pretty major. I couldn’t walk and had to eventually have a skin graft. It was excruciating, but I was also extremely lucky and I’m 100% fine and dandy now. I just have a lil bit of scarring. Just in case you think I had extra dry skin or sumpthin.

I am a cardigan lover—I rarely go without one. I find them great for our fickle weather! (And ok, my arms are pudgier than they used to be and they cover that up too….) I love to wear necklaces, but since the dressie had lace trim I decided to skip the necklace and just add a pretty vintage pin for a little pop of color.

I love a good platform shoe, I find them very comfy to walk in FOR A HEEL (they aren’t comfy compared to, say, a sneaker!). But I do have to say I’m not really into this trend of crazy gigantor platform clodhoppers that lotsa fashion bloggers are wearing. I have a sneaking suspicion that most of them don’t even wear those shoes for anything but the photos. Then again most of ’em are younger and don’t have kiddos, so what do I know! These shoes were a leeeeetle bit bigger than I was expecting, but manageable. (I know my friend Jenny is raisin’ a brow at me right about now!!! haha!) And for special occasions they are kind of fun! I feel nice and tall (i’m just shy of 5’3″ in real life).


+ Grey cardigan, Target
+ Black tank, Old Navy
+ Jeffrey Campbell Crosby platforms, Free People
+ Pretty Birdie Slip Dress, fleurette from second hand shop Buffalo Exchange (orig. from anthropologie apparently!)
+ Enamel flower pin, vintage shop

13 thoughts on “Alix’s Closet // Going Out To Dinner

  1. va va va VOOOM.

    Ok so I have this dress. I bought it at ANTRHO!! That’s where it’s from! It was in the nightgown section and I loved it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. BUT I always think of it as a nightgown. But now that you are wearing it out in public, I am gonna rock it too. I tried it once but I couldn’t get past my hang up. Isn’t it comf??

    You’re pretty as ever, my friend! And those shoes are to DIE FOR.

    1. HAH! No way!!! It was a bargain at Buffalo in San Diego (I think like $12?). I love that it’s a nightgown and I’m wearing it as a dress! haha. I’ve always loved slips as dressies. Just throw a tank under it and rock that sucka! I can’t wait to see you wearing it.
      : )

      1. So, I don’t know what I was thinking in hindsight, but the nightie-as-streetwear triggered a memory: I was a camp counselor in college and this gal, Mickey, and I decided we’d just wear men’s boxers as shorts because we were in the woods all summer in South Louisiana: steamy and hot! I went home during a break in my man drawers and my mother had one holy hell hissy fit. Not that I’m proud of this fashion choice, but she REALLY FREAKED OUT!!! The very idea of her daughter, “wearin’ man drause in public.” The shame!

  2. i’m kind of gushing with happiness over here. i thought you had me with the friday hootenanny, but this? THIS is faboosh. i need to send you a propah email, LOVING THIS LADY!!!!!! loving it. xoxo

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