Real Life :: Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

I love living in California…for the most part, we have amazing weather here year ’round. Yet as a Michigan girlie the thing I always crave are the four seasons. I love warm, sunny days but I have to confess nothing is more magical to me than freshly fallen snow. When I go back home for the holidays, I love having a white Christmas….there is something so peaceful about walking around outside and all you hear is the snow crunching under your feet.

When we arrived, we had warm coats and hats, but were sorely lacking in the foot wear department. As evidenced by Wolfie in his parka, wooly hat and…Yo Gabba Gabba Vans. Brrrrr! I know my parents think we’re the Crazy Californians.

Someone definitely had cold toesies, poor bunny. I promise, we bought snow boots shortly after this photo was taken. The coat, I must say, was fab. I bought it at Old Navy when they had their annual 50% off sale. Crazy cozy and super warm. (This is it.) You’ll see more pics later on in its full comfy glory!

We headed to my parents lakehouse, which is the best place ever. The lake is always a magical thing to see. In the summer, everything is green and lush and the water is as smooth as a piece of blue glass. We love to swim, watch the turtles and putter around on my parents pontoon boat. It kind of blows your mind in the winter when you realize that you can walk on the water…

One of our little traditions at the lakehouse is a tasty waffle breakfast. My mom’s waffles are the best. She has this really awesome old waffle iron from the 50s (maybe 60s?) and it makes the best waffles. Nice and crispy outside but a little cakey  inside. Always with real maple syrup, please. Yummm.

In addition to snowboots, my mom got Wolfie his snow pants—and they were so cute, like little overalls. The fake furry hat I brought back from Prague! He was quite pleased with himself in this get up.

Then it was outside to build a snow man. Or should I say, snow men! Wolfie and Greg went to town and made a ton of them.

Wolfie was Mayor of Snowman Town. I kind of loved the teensy one….and the little stick arms are the best.

See? That jacket was the bomb. Cozy AND cool. (faux fur, natch….)

Look at my sweet little snow bunny… cute and rosey cheeked. And wowzers, did he LOVE the snow.

Greg and I went for a drive around the lake and it was so pretty. The trees look so stark against the white sky.

I was pleased to see that my favorite little vintage snail playground toy (which was all rusted up last year) had received a fresh coat of paint and was lookin’ brand spankin’ new!

One of my favorite times of day is when the sun sets and suddenly the snowy white landscape is covered in a blueish glow. It truly feels otherworldly.

I know for you lovely folks stuck in the deep of winter there are cold realities….shoveling snow, icy roads and the biting wind. If it’s any consolation, Californians are wusses. Especially San Franciscans. Most of those lovely Victorians don’t have central heating and we freeze our buns off when the temperatures “dip” into the 40s. But in my mind I see you all hunkered down by a crackling fire, with a mug of cocoa….enjoying a silent night under an inky blue sky. A girl can dream, right?

25 thoughts on “Real Life :: Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

  1. Oooh! this so reminds me of when we used to celebrate Christmas back East on Cape Cod. Unfortunately, right up the road from where my parents house was on the water, was the beginning plans of a sewage plant, so they sold. WAAAHHH!!!

    Boy, it makes me miss that very special time of year and time in my life.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    And I love Mayor of Snowman town! YEAH!

  2. Wolfie is too cute! I love his hair. I am a huge fan of Michigan. We have a summer home in northern michigan (30 mins north of traverse city). I love it so much!! Always a great time winter or summer!

  3. This was cool! I live in the city so it was nice to get a taste of a different sort of winter wonderland that doesn’t have dirty slush on the curbs, and mounds of snow 8 feet high. Wolfie is too cute, by the way!

  4. gorgeous photos!!! You look smashing and WOLFIE!!! Be still my heart! his hair is soo sooo precious.

    and i’d like to pause for a second and drool at that waffle. Ok done now. xoxoxx

  5. Ahhhh I love these pictures! Beautiful. Peaceful.
    Wolfie is growing way too fast! He’s so handsome! His hair is turning a bit more red’ish no? Love the way you dress him love!

  6. Oh Alix, you write the most delicious posts, it’s like I’m right in the snow with you and Wolfie! How gorgeous is your wonderment and appreciation of what surrounds you 🙂

  7. Oh, my goodness. Makes me a little nostalgic for Rogersville, PA!

    And can I just say that I can’t get over the LEGS on the snowmen? No Midwestern kid would ever put legs on a snowman, but bring out the Californian and he thinks outside the box!

  8. That looks like SO much fun! We never had snow at Christmas growing up but now that I’ve married a Midwestern boy, I get snow for Christmas pretty much every other year when we go to see his folks. It seems like the epitome of Christmas for me. His family DOES make fun of me for not owning pants though. Brr..

    I love, love, love your coat and that furry scarf/stole. Happy new year!

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