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Baby, You Can Drive My Car :: The Most Expensive Kiddo Car.

One of the first things the Peach does when she gets to her daycare is hop on this little riding car, and squeal, “Peach driving! Toot toot!”

So, with her birthday a couple of months a way, we began to discuss riding toys as a possible prezzie. There are some super cute ones out there.

Like these charmers. I love the silver one.

Oh, and this sweet lady bug.

But then, Eric came across this gem on one of his gentleman blogs:

How sweet is that? By designer, Nika Zupanc.

But is it $3,500 sweet?  Have fun with it, Suri…

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17 Responses

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  1. Kellie MiniMustHave says

    Love them all Dottie! We have the ladybug ‘wheely bug’ and it’s fab (just in-between kiddies at the moment. Too small for my girl and too big for my boy. Scores extra points for the ‘springy eye’ entertainment though).

    • Dottie says

      I never even thought about the genius of the springy eyes! Bonus points to the lady bug! Thanks for the recommendation, Kellie!

  2. Ebony says

    Ohh my gosh the Nika Zupanc cars are amazing! Start saving those pennies!

  3. betsy says

    OMG! I want one!

  4. RocketGirl says

    That’s a toy for parents, not for kiddos!… but oh, they’re amazing. I expect to see Donald Duck hop into one and zoom off to the beach.

  5. jenny says

    haha! i don’t see a little bum sitting on that thing for more than two seconds! looks like a kid would slide right off it. 3500, HAAAAAAA! crazyness. cute. but crazy.

    • Dottie says

      HAHAHA!! That is exactly what I was thinking–what kid wouldn’t slide off that bad boy, right? But it is appallingly cute. Just wait–a year from now there will be some knock off available at Toys R Us. Just you wait!

  6. jenny says

    and we have 2 plasma cars in our household… here i was thinking the cash i plunked down on those suckers was extravagant!

    • Alix says

      Listen, give me a Big Wheel any day and I’m PSYCHED!!! (or what was that other thing Henry had? the Green Machine????)

      • Dottie says

        The plasma car will be the big wheel of the millenium!

        Jenny–do your kids like them? I was eyeing one of them as well for the Peach. It looks so nice and stable and not too fast. I have a total fear of the Peach racing off across the street at too fast a pace for me to grab her. But I like this plasma car idea…

  7. Daisy says

    my kids have a radio flyer ‘retro rocket’ that is very well loved, especially other play mates who come over too. in our part of the world radio flyers seem exotic and are hard to come by. we treasure it!

  8. Mari says

    Great choices – we have the ladybug wheelie bug and I love it. Birdie doesn’t use it as much as I’d hoped. I think that’s because we, unfortunately, have a lot of carpeting (gag). So it doesn’t wheel so well 😉
    And no. I would not pay $3000, but I would look at the picture and drool alot!

  9. erinlucy says

    my milo has one of those ladybugs but so far he hasn’t sat on it a single time. he prefers to lie in front of it and talk to it whilst pulling on the springy eyes. it is very cute to look at even if it doesn’t get ridden!

  10. Dottie says

    It seems like the ladybug rider is clearly the winner with Mari and Erin Lucy as well–so I think the birthday fairy might be bringing it for the Peach!

    Ladies, I can’t thank you enough!!!

  11. Sasha says

    great line up. these would be a great addition to the list. vintage inspired just like modern kiddo!

  12. mjb says

    We got a rusted out old toy car body at a garage sale over the summer – maybe we can aspire to it one day looking this cool!

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