Real Life :: New Year’s Eve Sparkle Style

Happy New Year!! How was your night? Did you have a fabulous night out on the town? Or did you hunker down at home and have a cozy night in with family? We did a little bit of both!

New Year’s Eves are a definitely a much more low key event since we had Wolfie….but we still like to get out there and have a little fun. For the last three years Greg’s kid band, The Time Outs, have played a fun Count Down show (where they do an early count down at 7pm for the kiddos). This year they decided to take a break and actually just relax on New Years. My friend Lynn hosted a little party and it was super fun—four families, seven crazy kiddos and seven even wackier parents.

Me and my girls like to dress up and we all agreed to get fancified for the night.  I decided it was the perfect occasion to bust out muh TALL SHOES. I really rarely wear these, partly because I walk a lot and partly because I’m a mama and it just ain’t practical. BUT as far as tall shoes go, I love ’em….and they are comfortable enough that I could wear ’em at a party where I was only going to be standing around or sitting.

You’re probably thinking, “They don’t look that bad Alix….” but check out these babies:

Hatch cha cha! I love the flower details on the platform and the heel. They’re really pretty shoesies…..Kiki the cat seemed to think so too.

Oh yeah, here’s the rest of what i wore:

+ dress, vintage little number with feathers on the sleeves, thrifted
+ vintage rhinestone “tie” necklace and pin
+ black lace slip, thrifted
+ pinkie red tights. Target
+ crazy clomper shoes, Prada. Yes. That Prada. Bought at the Neiman Marcus outlet for a steal. I love the flowers on the heels. I fully admit I nearly wiped out on a pine cone walking up Lynn’s driveway. On the up side, I kept forgetting I was no longer 5’3″ and enjoyed towering over my friends for once! OK. So I didn’t tower. But I was at least nose-to-nose….

I got a little snowflake flower headband in Michigan that I wore for Christmas….I figured I’d bust it out again. It’s totally a poor man’s Starlette crown, but I felt festive! (I swear I will purchase one this year FO SHO. I am obsessed. So pretty….Sue is a genius!)

But back to the party. It was loads of fun. Mellow enough that it was a great time but lively enough that we felt like we had a great night out. My friend Lynn, the hostess, is a New Orleans girlie and she made a huge pot o’ gumbo and a red velvet cake. I asked my Twitter pals for some good appetizer recos and ended up making everything they suggested—blue cheese stuffed dates, wrapped in bacon (AHHHHH! So good), little mini mac-n-cheeses (also quite tasty) and some brie-filled mushrooms which were also super duper easy and good.

My friend Denise (the glamour puss below) is always hilarious and lots of fun. She brought lots of cool goodies for the kiddos to play with—including little laser rings and sticky mustaches. The mustaches were a huge hit and at some point we all ended up wearing them . And by “we” I mean the grown ups. The kid’s had NO INTEREST.

I waltzed into the kid’s room to show off my ‘stash to Wolfie who took one look and said, “Will you PLEASE take that off??” We were totally an embarrassment to the kiddos. Sigh.

We all ended up playing Rock-n-Roll Charades (where you act out band names and try to guess ’em….it was hilarious…my best rounds were Aztec Camera and Rush…Conway Twitty and Crosby, Stills and Nash were my worst!!) and then everyone made party hats from a stash of crafting supplies Lynn rounded up. This was a huge hit with the kids! My friend Chrissy’s little boy Kirby made this amazing black feather thing that was cracking us up—it looked like something Cher would wear. He kindly let me wear it:

So that was our crazy night. I think we started off 2011 in a great way….lots of great friends, good food and a fine dose of silliness. I hope you had an amazing evening too and lets make this new year the best one yet!


20 thoughts on “Real Life :: New Year’s Eve Sparkle Style

  1. ok. wiping out on a pine cone had me giggling. you are a bad ass mama- and those shoes are HAWT!

    and WOLFIE! the gingham and the bowtie! i die. so handsome!!!!!!!!!!

    looks like you guys had a great night!!!!!!!! happy new year!!!

    1. Haha. And I’ll have you know I obsessively checked my headband to ensure no POOF!! Hehe
      The whole ensemble had me giggling. Wolfers looked cute…wasn’t so sure about the bow tie, haha.

      1. you looked mahvelous, dahlink!!!!!!!! seriously. LOVE that feathery dress too! and the pink tights!

        i sent an extra treat for wolfie, now i’m wondering if he will dig it, you’ll have to tell him auntie freckle says pretty please wear it just one time and snap a photo for me!!! 🙂

        1. Aw you are too sweet. That dress was sadly so much tighter than usual!!! And yay for and extra wolfie treat! I’ll tell him Harry Potter wore one too and that should seal the deal!!! Haha
          The other day he was hiss:speaking (sounded like a combo of Hebrew and hissing).
          Suddenly I knew. “um wolfie. Are you speaking parcel tongue??” looking shy but pleased, he nodded. “yup.”

  2. Hee hee! That sounds like a blast of a new year. God bless that Lynn Landry. I was thinking of her New Year’s Day when I had my black eye peas and collard greens!

    And you looked mahvelous, lady! Simply marv! Thoses shoes! Those “diamonds”! That dress! Magnifique!

  3. Prada?! I was just looking at prada shoes this morning. 🙂 I love me some prada. You look amazing! Happy new year to one of my favorite blogs around!

  4. YOU.LOOK.AMAZING, lady. 😀 So fun and festive!! you can rock any look! the headband! SWOON. the shoes.. DOUBLE SWOON! come clothe me. please. I need a stylist. 😀

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