Best Halloween EVER! The Meatball Costume

So by now you are all familiar with Wolfie’s Legendary Anti-Costume stance from Halloweens past (as seen in When Your Kiddo Hates Costumes!)

But this year my little man made up for all the years of struggling in the most spectacular way possible. It all began with a little brainstorming. As we talked about what we wanted to be this year, Wolfie informed me that he wanted to go as Harry Potter….or a Meatball.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. A MEATBALL?? Who was I to say no?? Happily, the meatball  won and Greg, our paper mache master, set up shop with a giant balloon and lots of newspaper.

He and Wolfie worked diligently every evening applying the paper and paste.

It took several days to let the numerous layers dry, but it was a lot of fun! Once it was complete, we took it out back and painted it. We used spray paint for a quicker/cleaner dry.

(as a side note, spray paint has really crazy fumes, so be careful….those bottoms photo of Wolfie, he was “posing” for me post-spray because we only took the one photo “in action”. He wasn’t that close to the can!)

Of course no meatball is complete without SPAGHETTI, so a pasta fedora was also on the agenda. It turned out AWESOME.

I know I’m biased, but i gotta say this kid was THE COOLEST/CUTEST CHILD I HAVE EVER SEEN! What possessed him to pick a meatball, we will never know….but I LOVED it! Because Wolfie is only seven and we wanted to keep things easy peasy, we went for a cute “saucy” red meatball as opposed to a realistic browned meaty meatball.

The meatball made his debut at Wolfie’s elementary school, the day of the Harvest Festival. Alas, in our happy frenzy, we forgot to cut the arm holes! It was a hot day so he didn’t wear it the entire time….when it came time for the Costume Contest he and his buddy Jonas went head-to-head. They were hysterical together….

Lots of jokes were made about the Venus Flytrap trying to nibble the Meatball….

There was an amazing moment as my little meatball tried to step up onto a bale of hay for the judging. Remember….NO ARM HOLES. He made it up, but on the way down he teetered and tottered and nearly rolled off the bale of hay. We were all in hysterics (and everyone was thinking, “And then my poooor meatballlllll….rollled right on the floor!”).

Although there were many cute kiddos at the festival, there really was no question over who the winners were—MEATBALL AND VENUS FLYTRAP TIED FOR FIRST! They were thrilled! That night, we cut arm holes in the meatball.

Halloween evening we hit the road to our pals Chrissy and Jim’s house.

I’m not sure if any of you watch The Regular Show (it’s not appropriate for little kiddos, but for grownups and older kids it’s a very irreverant/silly/fun show on Comedy Network that Greg and Wolfie are obsessed with). There is a character that is a cassette tape on one episode (you can see him here….it cracks me up) and Greg went as that guy.

Sammy came along and guided our way with a special hiking flash light collar.

Every where we went, the Meatball was a sensation…lots of people watching him come up their walkway would initially say, “OH, are you an apple?” “No, imma MEATBALL!” “Fred! C’mere! You gotta see this kid! He’s a meatball!”  Wolfie loved it. As goofy and outgoing as Wolfie can be, he doesn’t often like to be the center of attention. That’s why it was so cute to see how pleased he was with his handiwork and the positive response he got from everyone.

At the end of the evening we counted up our loot. Wolfie selected the red (strawberry lollipops), a packet of goldfish and two cherry Airheads….and then told us that we could have the rest of his candy. Ahhh, some things never change.

41 thoughts on “Best Halloween EVER! The Meatball Costume

  1. This is by far the best costume I have seen this year and in a very very long time! I love it when kiddos want to be something non conventional and when it takes some effort to make it. I would have given that meatball my ENTIRE bowl of candy!!

    1. hahaha….thank you Stacey, that’s so nice of you to say! lots of people gave him extra pieces (the irony being he doesn’t like chocolate/candy!!!! he’s a salty boy more than sweet…..)

  2. I have so loved watching the progress of this costume and learning about Halloweens past. I cannot wait till you and Wolfie’s dad get to bring these pictures out when Wolfie is a teenager! It’s gonna be so good.
    Best costume ever! Period.

    1. aw lady, that’s so super sweet!! thank you! (and yes…I hope when he’s a teenager he is as proud as he is today!! of course he’ll probably claim we “MADE” him go as a meatball! haha)

    1. I was a zombie golfer! haha….i don’t really have a good photo of me, alas. But i had an old vintage golfing outfit, a pink sequin sun visor… shoes….and then zombie makeup. It was kind of funny! but not as good as the guys!

  3. Love Dottie and the Peach’s costumes! And Wolfie’s meatball- so awesome!

    PS- I love Regular Show and knowing Wolfie watches it makes me feel less guilty that my kids watch it (and Adventure Time, my personal #1 fave weird kid’s show)

    1. I need to check out Adventure Time! Regular Show kills me…..they started watching it and I was all, “Um, is this appropriate??” but its really so freakin’ funny!!

  4. that was one serious paper-mach-ing!! i love all the constructioning of all the costumes (tape cassette and venus fly trap (please tell me that kid had a friend who dressed up like a fly too?)!

    1. Wolfie and the Fly trap were the only “elaborate” costumes (although there were plenty of cool kids there!). This was just so extraordinary since wolfie really isn’t a “Let’s dress up!” kinda guy!

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