Halloween Was a {pinata} Smashing Success.

Wow, was Halloween just last week?? This fall is flying by friends! So many of you have asked me what Wolfie decided to go as for Halloween and as you can see, he did it again. Wolfie (Mr. “I Hate Costumes”) stunned us all last year when he decided he wanted to be a meatball. A MEATBALL! He was spectacular, if I do say so myself (see it all here). This year my quirky cool boy decided he wanted to be a piñata. And I was thrilled! You have to understand friends, this is the child who practically refused to dress up for the first 6 years of his little life. Wolfie was never a pirate/superhero/cowboy hat wearing little guy. I was always so envious of people with “dress up boxes”. But my little opinionated fella was not into it. This “coming up with costumes” thing is all new for us, and Greg and I are enjoying it SO much.

We decided to go with the classic donkey shape. It all began with a cardboard box, cut out on the top and bottom. Pretty simple, right? Welllll, sort of. It got really tricky when it came to the head. Unlike a real pinata (which is hollow but still has a structure) this was pretty much an unstable pain in the donkey. I wish I had photographed the entire process, all fancy-like….numbered “steps” and what not. But the reality was I had to work on after hours and it was too dark….so this is all I got for ya!

Wolfie is a self-avowed sweets/chocolate hater—so Halloween is never really about the candy for him. (He’s a salty fan—popcorn, tortilla chips, pretzels!) Anyway, his “concept” was that because he doesn’t like candy, it’s be funny to be a pinata and throw candy at the kids. We did have a brief moment of “What if people try and hit me for candy??” And yes. Some kids eagerly rushed over grinning mischievously. But Wolfie told them he was a backwards pinata—if you hit him, you don’t get any candy. If you tell him something nice, he’ll give you a treat. (He had a secret pocket inside with ziplock baggie of candies!) Needless to say he got lots of nice words from kids clamoring for candy, and was a big hit at the school parade!

He really looked so cute. Honestly 75% of the kids were dressed in dark or black costumes: ninjas, witches, ghouls, draculas….my little pinata was a colorful beacon of silliness. I couldn’t have been prouder! And the kids at his school were awesome. He’s at that age when all the boys just want to be cool and dress like cartoons they love, and Wolfie really stuck out like a sore thumb. I was so happy that all the kids were SUPER into his costume too. YAY kids! There were some other really excellent costumes—a great Harry Potter (with Hedwig the owl), my friend Teri’s little girl was an amazing Mexican wrestler, Wolfie’s friend was Poseidon, and there was a genius Cloud with Lightning.

Wolfie’s teacher was an adorable Red Riding Hood:

On Halloween night we added a sombrero, which kind took the whole thing up a notch! I’m half German (my mama) but also half Mexican (my dad is from Mexico) so grandmama and grandpa got a huge kick out of this! Wolfie was quite pleased that lots of the houses he trick-or-treated at said he was their favorite costume (and some places even gave him extra candy!). Our friends in Alameda invited us over to their neighborhood and whew mama, those guys TURN. IT. OUT. There were 100s of people swarming the streets….crazy decorations. It was amazing but also kind of overwhelming!

At the end of the night, he and his buddies sat on the floor counting out their stash. He decided to give each of his friends four pieces of chocolate apiece (yeah, if you want more candy trick-or-treat with Wolfie!). Even though he doesn’t eat it, he still likes to look over his loot and count it etc. And just so you don’t think he’s a complete crazy boy with his non-sweets loving ways, he IS a big a fan of cherry or strawberry lollipops/ring pops!

How was your Halloween? Is your neighborhood mellow or crazy with candy lovers? What did you end up going as? Am I going to get some new fabulous contenders for the Costume Parade next year??? SO many questions!

13 thoughts on “Halloween Was a {pinata} Smashing Success.

  1. I didn’t think anyone could top the awesomeness of the meatball, but lo and behold, the pinata RULES! I can’t get over how well the head turned out in particular. And the sombrero–genius. That second to last photo of him. I. DIE.

    I have to admit, I’m not really a fan of the ghoulish costumes, but then again, I don’t like scary movies and I’m not a 10 year old boy. So, Wolfie’s costume, which was so clever and bright and just plain fun get an award!

    Well, done, Mama! You get the gold in craftiness!

  2. I don’t think I could love that pinata more than I do! I must show this post to my kids… my 4 year old kind of resembles Wolfie (long curly boys rule) and so they’re kind of obsessed with following what a cool big kid is up to. He’s an internet sensation in our house! Maybe I can even get Harrison to abandon Batman (2 years running) for something much cooler.

    1. Hahaha. That’s the sweetest thing! Wolfie will be so pleased! Is harrison the curley boy? (have we seen pix of him before?? I feel like we need to!) THANKS!!

  3. Your kid is RAD! I love his idea. Long ago I gave up GOING OUT on Halloween because our neighborhood is just so fun. We get a lot of kids driven in from other neighborhoods (here in LA one block is Leave it to Beaver and a few over may be a little on the not so safe side) and every year we at least try to put up some lights and music and spider webs. We have a bridge in our front yard that I think is in 100s of family’s albums now, its the new kodak spot. This year was a low turnout, Maybe because the day of the week? BUT I cannot remember a nicer bunch. EVERY kid said trick or treat and thank you. Every one commented on the decorations (especially think 100+ year old ladder we put up because my parents throw nothing out) Alix, The TEENAGERS were all please and thank you. WHAAAA. I just filled buckets with candy. Oh manners, bless you friends here are two handfuls of candy! Great Post as usual. Your blog is my FAVORITE. (susieQ on instagram – we talked about ET today!)

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