Prettiest Little Cowpoke I Ever Did See.

While we were busy meatballin’ it up….someone was breakin’ hearts at the Sasparilla Ranch! Check out the little Peach in her Halloween finest!! Dottie sent me a text of her and I about died. How cute is this cowgirl?? The vintage ensemble was an eBay score Ò€”the heart pockets are just too much. Amazing!

But I think this has to be my top favorite photo. The little Peachie Pie and her sweet Mama. You two are the cutest pair around! Glad you enjoyed your trick-or-treaties, Miss Peach!

13 thoughts on “Prettiest Little Cowpoke I Ever Did See.

  1. OH my I love this! My little girl had a VERY similar vintage outfit for Halloween this year! I think it was 60s Sears? SO fun! I wish I had a pic to share but I’m behind as usual…maybe by thanksgiving It will be ready to share:)

    1. I can’t wait to see photos! I was determined to buy one of the vintage cowgirl outfits I would find every month on Ebay! I fell in love with the little heart pockets!

      Let me know when you run the photos, please!

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