Blog Hop Day 2 :: Lishy Loo’s Baby Shower Power Hour

Well hello friends! Today is a special day! We don’t usually post on the weekends, but I am so thrilled to be a part of a unique online baby shower blog hop! How fun is that?? It’s for me dear pal Alisha—mama to Truman and Harrison, vintage kiddo clothing seller extraordinaire, and all around awesome chica. Oh, and she’s expecting a little baby girl this time around! Whoo hoo! In a bold and totally awesome move, they revealed the name early on. We can’t wait to welcome Little Miss Tova to the world.

So the way the Baby Shower Blog Hop works, every day this week a different blog will be hosting a special day for Lishy. I hope you are ready to join the party! Make sure to join us for Day 3 with Jenny, over on Frecklewonder.

Back in 2001, and before either of us had a blog, Lishy and I were both members of the This is Blythe doll forum. The new releases of the dolls had JUST come out and as geeky as it sounds, we were all so excited! Lishy and I totally hit it off (after discovering our shared love of bad TV and cheesy pop culture) and we’ve been friends ever since.

So for my blog hop celebration, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of our favorite, wacky and weird dolls.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, toy manufacturers were CLEARLY smoking the wacky tobacky as they sat around and drummed up new toy ideas. Most really make no sense, yet I still find them all beautifully bizarre. Let’s take a look at a handful of my—and Lishy’s— faves!


In 1969, Ideal introduced Flatsy. And yup, like the name says she is a mega flat doll. Flatsieswere made of rubber and had wire inserts that made them flexible, much like Gumby. The Teenage Fashion Flatsy doll was far creepier looking to me. They had the most awesome catch phrase: “She’s Flat and That’s That”. Kind of says it all.

image: Natsuko


This is officially the kookiest doll around. With lavender skin and luscious green locks, Emerald was a quirky, sprightly imp. The thing that made her so cool was that she had a little switch in the back that made her eyes glow. She was made in 1972 by Milton Bradley. She’s kind of like a combination of My Little Pony and those crazy Troll dolls. But way cuter.

image: Fluxie

image: funny bunny


In 1972, riding coattails of  Margaret Keane’s popular wide-eyed moppets came Susie Sad Eyes.  I think the name sort of says it all. So small. So sad. *sniff* Makes me want to hear Peggy Lee’s, “Is That All There Is?” Lishy has a fabulous collection of Susie Sad Eyes that I’m sure she’ll enjoy sharing with Tova.

images: Susie Sad Eyes Flickr Group

While Susie Sad Eyes was a whistful little thang, she clearly has *nothing* on this sad waif. She’s pretty amazing but also makes me a little sad. The colossal eyes and little crystalline tear drop are one thing…but the burlap sack and bare feet take her over the edge. I’m DYING to know what marketing genius thought this would be a “fun” doll for little girls.

Are you dying yet?? I mean, it isn’t enough that the poor thing is wearing a burlap sack, they gotta put her in a snowstorm box??? Oh Hasbro….


Weeeeee! These tiny treasures stand an awesome 2 3/4″ to 4″ tall. There was even a super teensy version that was about an inch tall. Despite their diminutive stature, they still had rooted hair and moveable arms and legs. They were produced by Mattel from 1966-1971. My favorites are the Lucky Locket Kiddles (which were necklaces). They were also Kiddle Kologne and Kola Kiddles (who lived in a perfume and soda bottle respectively) and the green Kosmic Kiddles—flying around in their hip UFOs. But really, the Kiddle Lockets were where it was at.

image: super junk


I’ve saved the best for last. This kookoo doll is one of my all-time favorites. Created in 1966, the lovely Peteena came with her own polka dot bikini. Um. Yes. A poodle-kini. While she has a the head of a pup, her body is human….she is totally weird but with her long lashes and sweet smile, I find her oddly lovely. Call me crazy.

image: Peteenainct

image: xie kitchen

image: axelsrose

{Oh Lishy, I’m so excited for you and can’t WAIT to meet Miss Tova. You know I really wanted to do a big Shane Klingensmith, Parents of Child Stars post….but alas, the Shane pickin’s are slim these days!!!! Monster hugs and kisses mama!}

HURRAY for LISHY!!!! Special thanks to sweet Sandi of Adalou Vintage for being the leader of this fabulous party. And be sure to join us for Day 3 tomorrow with my lovely friend Jenny, over on Frecklewonder!

14 thoughts on “Blog Hop Day 2 :: Lishy Loo’s Baby Shower Power Hour

    1. the mini airline bag was indeed purchased….the mini collins bags were made by two of my friends and blythe masters, xiekitchen (aka Paula) and Christina of Jam Fancy! Christina makes the most outstanding Blythe clothing (she even has a doll named after her….the special anniversary “christina the bride” blythe doll!). They are among my most treasured possessions!

  1. Love these Alix! That Penteena Poodle is very cool, had seen it before but didn’t know what she was called. But your Blythe, oh swoooon, I own a few mini ones but I’m on the hunt for a larger lovely Blythe to call my own. Fabulous post lady and thanks for joining our blog hop!

  2. Congrats on your soon to be bundle of joy, Lishyloo!

    These dolls are so amazing- perhaps it’s just because I still have last night’s Pan-am on my mind but that Susie Sad Eyes reminds me so much of Christing Ricci! And that poodle doll- gotta find one!

  3. my GAWD. peteena strikes again. i think i’m officially obsessed. what are my chances?! i loves me some peteena.

    and i loves me some lish! and little baby tova! can’t wait to see tru + harry as big bros!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

    1. Yeah, I shoulda put a little note on here that said, “Emerald the Witch? Yeah….$300. Peteena the Poodle? $400.” And of course at the top of the heap…..that big eyed dolly that’s saying, “It’s BLYTHE, bitches!” $1200.

      (Britney Spears just came on, so pardon mah Brit-induced potty mouth!)

  4. See THIS is why I know we’re going to be awesome friends. I have one of my favorite little Blythe’s sitting right by me at my desk here at work. She’s got her fancy office tweed dress and hat on!

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