Hurrah for Monday because…

Hi hi folks! Did you have a nice weekend?  We did–filled with trips to the playground, oh so necessary naps, quite a few ballet dance parties and best of all a quick jaunt to the Alameda Flea Market to see Alix flaunt and sell her stuff. I’m still kicking myself over not grabbing that stain glass Enid Colllins bag! Shoot!

But of course I spent a bit of time online looking for some fabulous vintage goodies. And those I did find! Hurrah!

So, on with the Shooooooow!

Oh, to have a movie camera as a kiddo.  Like this vintage Fisher Price movie camera.  From Jinxxy’s Junk.

I must still have Target’s Missoni Madness on my mind because I love this great seventies vintage zig zag sweater! This is one of those that I’d love in my size… Sigh!  From Etsy seller, Ms. Tips!

These red sneakers are the epitome of childhood to me.  And they are unused, and a bigger size than the normal ones we see today.  Please someone, scoop these red beauties up! I’ve been looking for this exact pair for the Peach for over a year. From Etsy seller, Sweet Shop Vintage.

Woefully, the Peach has exited her fireman stage for the ballerina stage, or I would have bought these delightful trio of vintage books about firemen.  From Etsy seller, Lady Libertine Vintage.

This vest is killing me! Just perfect with a turtleneck and cords. and little boots.  Want. In. My. Size.  From Etsy seller, Bluebird Lucy’s.

Whoa. This is just whoa.  I love that jaunty little pocket and double breast look of the buttons.  From Etsy seller, Dolls & Robots.

Did you ever own a pair of these? Because if you did, I bet you were the most popular kid at recess the day you brought those beauties in.  Any luck contacting Luke Skywalker with ’em? From Etsy seller, La di Dottie.

Oh lawdy, this widdle vintage coat with its patchwork faux fur is killing me softly with its cuteness.  From Etsy seller, Silver Willow Ranch, who by the way, has some of the most amazing vintage crocheted afghans–FYI.

Ahh! I totally remember these soft foam puzzles and this vintage butterfly one is such great shape! From Etsy seller, Melanie Peralto.

How great is this vintage number cardi? In the best spanking great red ever!  Perfect for the pre-schooler working on her numbers! From Etsy seller, PirateB00ty.

Happy Monday, folks!

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