Bringing camping fun inside

Well, Labor Day in the Bay Area was blessed with amazing weather–perfect sunny days with a light breeze.  However, I could have used this wonderful weather earlier this summer when we decided to take the Peach on her first camping trip.  I cannot deny or confirm that my whole reason to go camping was for the s’mores.

We took great pains to find a terrific close campsite to take the Peach for a single night of camping fun.  We planned out meals, a quick trip to the nearest beach. Every last bit. Sadly we woke up on our chosen camping day with a forecast of heavy rain, so we thought it best to postpone the full camping bonanza.

However, there was no reason we couldn’t bring the Peach a bit of camping fun without even leaving our own cozy nook! We set up our tent in our dining room and planned to do all of the camping fun inside.

We added a few posher bits like two ottomans from the living room and our picnic blanket.

She enjoyed getting familiar with every nook and cranny of that tent and was fascinated by the see through part of it and the sleeping bags.

She enjoyed her burger in the tent and was treated to her first and certainly not last s’mores too.

The Peach and Eric slept well in the tent and loved every minute of it.  It made us excited to actually go camping.  We have friends who have a kiddo around the Peach’s age and we were hoping to with them some time in October. Crossing fingers that we’ll actually take the Peach camping this year. But indoor camping is a nice way to extend the fun of summer inside in a different way.

Did you go camping this summer? Have you ever tried indoor camping?

9 thoughts on “Bringing camping fun inside

  1. We recently made the big-girl-bed transition, and so we got Eliza a bed-tent! She absolutely loved it… for awhile. Now she’s sleeping in her bed, sans tent, and the tent is a giant piece of furniture in her bedroom, but is a frequent fun-generator.

    We haven’t done a whole-family indoor camping yet, but I’m thinking of trying it outside before the weather gets cold. We’re more into the couch slumber parties!

    1. That is awesome about Eliza in a big girl bed and I think the tent idea is perfect–making it this magical place. And what kid wouldn’t want a big ole tent in their room? Sounds like a total fun generator!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea!
    I’ve been poking a bit at the hubby to take our little Mars (3yrs old) camping this year but he hasn’t been too keen on the idea. He thinks it will be too much for our little muffin and at one point talked me into hotel-ing it up.
    We had a lovely trip when we did go, but I’m very much the nature girl ((unlike the hubs)) so, I’m itching to MAKE him love it 😉 hehe.
    Maybe I should start slowly and introduce this style of “indoor camping” to him 🙂
    My little Mars will absolutely love it either way!
    Thanks for the awesome idea!

    1. And thanks for your enthusiasm for the post. That makes my day! And LOVE the name Mars!

      I’m sure he’ll grow up to love nature and camping. And trust me–s’mores certainly help!

      1. Haha 🙂
        Mars is short for Marlie 🙂
        She’s my little soon to be 3yr old princess/tomboy (just like her mama) 🙂
        However, if she turned out to be a boy (when I was preggo) I was going to name her Rush 🙂 my mom wasn’t to fond of the idea, but I love love love unique and/or “old” names for kids 🙂
        You can check out my little vintage kiddo if you would like 🙂 there are a few cute pics of her on my blog ((above))
        I was thinking about submitting her at some point in time for your “vintage kiddos” posts 😉

        1. I have to admit once I visited your site, which of course was AFTER I wrote this comment, I smacked my head and said that Mars was clearly a nickname (still a great nickname) for a girlie!

          But I look forward to seeing Miss Marlie as a Modern Kiddo in the weeks to come!

  3. We’re big fans of indoor camping too. And hurray for S’Mores! (oh to have a family who likes them…greg is so-so about them and Wolfie…well, it goes without saying that he is appalled by the concept!!) I can’t wait to hear about your first real camping trip too. You guys will have so much fun!!

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