CRAFTOBER: Toy box cover tutorial

Please tell me I’m not alone here.  I love getting those pretty wooden boxes with lovely toys in them, but I hate that all the toys come spilling out of them.  There has to be a more decent way to deal with this than shoving it in a loose plastic zip lock bag.

What an eyesore, right? So, I decided to make a little fabric cover. A nice pretty cover that wouldn’t look as lame as the  zip lock bag. And it took less than 15 minutes to sew and that’s no too much time to make something pretty.

You may already have the supplies in your craft room. And if not, the Internet can help out on that real quick.

And here is how you do it:

Here is a great tutorial on how to use fold over elastic (FOE) and it is seriously so easy, you’ll officially become addicted…

You could write on the side of the box the name of what is inside it. Or use iron-on letters too! Or ink stamps if you wanted!

It’s the little things, right?

As discussed, this is part of my month-long bonanza of getting my craft groove back!

How’s your crafting going?  What is your next craft inspired note.

11 thoughts on “CRAFTOBER: Toy box cover tutorial

  1. Seems almost too simple! Thanks for your easy directions–its the same concept as a fitted sheet, right? Which is another thing I have been wanting to try–with all the vintage sheets in my stash. Looking forward to your other crafty endeavors!!

    1. It is totally inspired by a fitted sheet! But I think FOE on the edge makes it easier for kids to handle. I would love to see some of your vintage sheet fitted sheets!

  2. Good one, Dottie! I am totally guilty of the Ziplock bag thing, which is just terrible. Going through all the effort of buying nice, eco conscious wooden toys and shoving them into plastic bags. Love your idea!

  3. I will pay someone cash money if you make one of those for me!! We have those same magnetic “paper” dolls, and I rarely let Jane play with them because they’re high up on a shelf where they can’t get dumped!! Seriously, I will throw money at this so I don’t have to make it myself. My sewing skillz don’t involve elastic!

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