Don’t forget to send me your Homemade Halloween Costume Goodness!

I’ve already been getting some amazingly awesome Homemade Halloween costumes form people…..but I’m greedy….I still want MORE! Did you make an outfit for your child last year? Was is spectacular? Or was it a fiasco? Either way, we want to see! You can read my original post here or just scoot on over to your email and drop me a note at Alix {at} These DO NOT have to be vintage photos. In fact, the more recent the better!

Some high lights from last year’s Parade:

Mama Jocelyn (from Etsy shop The Nesting Spot) crafted up two of the most adorable ensembles EVERRRRR. First up, sweet little Audrey as Red Riding Hood. This is one costume I never tire of. And Audrey is kind of the cutest thing around.

But wait til you see her brother Josiah….as Sherlock Holmes!!! Elementary!

Last year little Olive blew people’s minds with this darling rainbow.  Her mama Greta (from is fantastic (and no she can’t make you one friends…even though we receive SO MANY emails from people asking if they can buy this!). 

Kristen, (from the amazing shop The Robot Parade for Kids), dressed her lil’ man Eli as a tiny MacGyver…

AND also as Transformer, Optimus Prime! The best part is that it actually transformed. Kristen told me, “People loved it and he got extra candy for transforming at some stops!” Go Eli!

If this doesn’t make you smile, you have a heart of stone people! Little Marlo Pearl  as Mary Poppins!!

And finally, I don’t usually feature grown ups, but I had to share Suzy’s brilliant “preggo” costume….she went as the sun and constellation and her hubs went as Gallileo! I love it! Sooo clever and cute.

OK people…send me those costumes! Even if it turned out a little wonky, we love them ALL! Alix [at] modernkiddo .com

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