Cut from the same {vintage} cloth.

In many ways, Dottie and I are really similar. Of course we are both obsessed with vintage. And we both count being mamas amongst our best accomplishments. We both love reading and are obsessed with our Kindles. We both totally think alike. We both have a similar work ethic. We were both raised with the same sense of responsibility and values (yay to our moms and dads!). We both love splurging on a glass of champagne. Or a fancy pair of shoes. We are both sticklers when it comes to saying “please” and “thank you”. We both love the theater. And movies. And we both share a similar sense of humor (which may or may not include a fondness for doing weird voices and gesturing wildly when talking). But as similar as we are, we’re not twinsies. We really do have different tastes. Which is part of what, I think, makes Modern Kiddo such a fun experience (well, for us anyway! haha). I have always said that Dottie and I are cut from the same cloth…we’re just cut in different styles! As I was looking through last week’s Instgram pics, I realized we both had posted pictures of cars that caught our eye. And it made me smile. Same cloth. Just different styles.

Here’s to you, my sweet Dottie! I know you’re knockin’ ’em dead at South by Southwest.

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