Don’t Forget to Send Me Your Homemade Halloween Costume Goodness!!

I’ve already been getting some amazingly awesome Homemade Halloween costumes from people…..but I’m greedy….I still want MORE! Did you make an outfit for your child last year? Was is spectacular? Or was it a fiasco? Either way, we want to see! Just drop me a note at Alix {at} These DO NOT have to be vintage photos. In fact, the more recent the better!

Here are some highlights from last year’s Costume Parade:

Beautiful Bela is one of the most creative kiddos I know—as is her mama Karen (of Misha Lulu fame). Check out this phenomenal Alice in Wonderland costume….complete with Rabbit’s house. Curiouser and curiouser!

Katrina (CaliKatrina) stole my heart with the simplicity of her little Ewan in this little ghost. It’s SO Charlie Brown, I just love it!

OMG, would you get a load of Sarah Ivy’s amazing son Finn as Baby Bowie???? This kid, I tell ya.

How about this adorable (a-thorable??) Thor! Amazing mom Cheri (i am momma hear me roar) made this rad out fit for her little guy!

I’ve seen quite a few little Snow Whites in my time, but honestly little Stella is just 10x cuter than most! Thanks to Melissa of (whileitrains) for sending her our way!

I love simple and sweet costumes and this one is awesome! Little Eames as Elmer Fudd! Whaddup putty tatt??

OK. This is amazing. Carrie Anne (thelittlebigblog) turned her sweet cutie into Baby Sushi. BABY SUSHI!!!! Cuddly and cute.

Well, HELLO DOLLY! This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen! Mama Stacey (hartandsew) turned her sweet Little Miss into a wind up dolly.

And our Hall of Famer: two years ago little Olive blew people’s minds with this darling rainbow.  Her mama Greta (from is so talented! (And no she can’t make you one friends…even though we receive SO MANY emails from people asking if they can buy this!).

OK people…send me those costumes! Even if it turned out a little wonky, we love them ALL! Alix [at] modernkiddo .com

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