Help sewing mamas! How do you get your kiddo to actually WEAR the clothes you sew for them?

I love to sew.  There is something quite wonderful about sewing something for your daughter.  When I was pregnant, I hoarded vintage children’s patterns like a crazy person.  Oh, the darling cute vintage adorableness that I was going to swath my sweet child in! Quick and cute patterns that were a great training ground for trying out different sewing techniques that I would later try on myself.  Every year I would start out with a long list of projects for my girl.  But by the time I finished making these sweet little skirts, dresses etc, she would barely be able to fit in them. Sigh, that growing child thing can be such a bummer.

I did have a few bits of success.  A skirt here:

A sweater there:

A crazy orange princess dress that nearly drove me to drink:

But then I decided to get real and make her this little bit of cuteness:

Out of this super cute fabric I bought and the result. THIS!  Gorgeous isn’t it?  I mean, c’mon. I LOVE it so!

But does she? Nope. Not even close. I got her to approve the fabric and the pattern but actually getting her to wear it? NO DICE.  She started to cry when I asked her to put it on. Like big wet tears and a complete temper tantrum as I tried to cram her into this blasted little smock. Even promises of candy and watching all the Peppa Pig AND Sofia the First AND Olivia for the rest of the night couldn’t make her wear it.

So, I ask you fellow sewers out there—how the heck do you get your kids to wear the clothes you slave over? Seriously? Any tips, tricks, or suggestions?

Help a sewing mama out!


5 thoughts on “Help sewing mamas! How do you get your kiddo to actually WEAR the clothes you sew for them?

  1. Hmm, picking the fabric sometimes works and not being too picky about fabric choices (they WILL wear prints with ponies) but what I find most effective is when people GUSH over how cute the item is. They seem to like the reaction people give when they tell them their mom made it. I hope this isn’t going to send them to therapy but I guess if it’s not that it will be something else 🙂 Sometimes they have irrational dislikes or things like how my three year old hates buttons I try to compromise with her and leave off things like decorative buttons.

  2. KEEP GOING. my grandma sewed for me and there were pieces i LOVED and ones i HATED. and SAVE EVERYTHING because the corduroy fox overalls i hated? tova’s freakin’ wearing them if i have to duct them on 🙂

  3. Oh Dottie, I totally empathize with you! I’ve slaved away on my sewing machine only to have my daughter reject my creative cuteness as well! I had to giggle a little when you shared her “tantrum”. It’s like it physically hurts them to wear it right?! I hung my outfits in her closet in hopes that someday she might just choose to wear them. I’m thankful that she at least will wear the Halloween costume she’s requested at this point ;-). Sorry I have no advice to offer, but just wanted to let you know you are not alone Mama!

  4. I think it was the same for us kids. My mom made clothes for the older two because at the time that was more economical (but less cool) when my sister and I were born (way later) she made the occasional item out of crafty urges and halloween requests. I am super jealous of the homemade and MATCHING outfits my siblings had. The hand embroidered denim LEVI Shirts with scenes out of their snoopy coloring books? Yea I didn’t get one of those (they each have a different one)! Mauve cross stitch teddy bear sweatshirt – that one is mine. Blast being born in 1980. One day she will be stoked – and she will ALWAYS have the best halloween costume!

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