Dottie’s Kraft Korner—Attack of the Killer UFOs: Week One

Week One in my mission to knock out some projects that have been on my UFO To Do list and I’m quite chuffed at my success.  This week I attack:

9.) Make the Peach a few light-weight summer shirts—DONE.

When the mercury starts to climb our Peach turns into one sticky little lady. She needs tops made of lightweight cotton that cover her shoulders and allow for air circulation to go along with her capri pants that suit her slide-loving lifestyle. Just a couple of light fanciful tops as a nice alternative to t-shirts.

I found the perfect little pattern, Sophia at Burda.  Looked super simple right? Well, yes, I suppose it was, but I’m process seamstress who enjoys the whirring of the sewing machine and try to find little ways to make the piece extra pretty.  I also like to finish my seams with my beloved serger because the Peach can be tough on clothes.  This pattern was nice and easy and sweetly girlish without being an explosion of lace and ruffles. And a couple of nice techniques added–like simple gathering on the sides.

This was my first time using Burda and the instructions were pretty basic which isn’t an issue and I like the instant printable access of buying patterns online. Pretty much followed it to a t except I used a hook and eye in the back and also had to widen the collar quite a bit for my clearly big headed baby.

So I knocked out two pretty quickly and they were perfect for the warmer weather we are having. And really dress up the super simple Target capris that are turning into her summer staples. Along with her saltwater sandals. Why yes, I did base all of the fabric choices (pulled from my stash) on what would go with her shoes…

Stay tuned for next week’s UFO update.  Squee! Very excited!

10 thoughts on “Dottie’s Kraft Korner—Attack of the Killer UFOs: Week One

  1. Oooh, those are cute!! I have been meaning to make some tank tops for Ingrid, as she has a bunch of ratty tshirts and no cute girly things. Love those saltwater sandals!! Do they stay on her feet? We just had issues with open toed sandals, Ingrid’s toes went all the way out and she couldn’t keep them on…

    1. The Peach has problem feet–high arch, wide and smaller than the average. And she has yet to fit into a shoe under $20. Sigh.

      These saltwater sandals do stay on her feet but we went for the ones with buckles over the toe so they could be made wider for her little wide foot, so that may work for Miss Ingrid as you could make them tighter and keep Miss Amber’s widdle toesies in place!

      And they seem to stay on her feet better than her crocs which she hops out of every now and then.

  2. She looks adorable! Those tops are great, Dottie. I can’t believe you actually sat down an sewed up some cuteness just like that! BRAVO!!!! You rock sistah!

    I love these Saltwater sandals I am seeing everywhere….here yellow ones are TOO CUTE!

    1. I’ve been sewing for a long time but still consider myself to be something of a remedial seamstress. I don’t really do fancy things and rarely ever sew for myself. But making stuff for the kiddo is great practice because the pieces never take that long!

      You might also want to try Simplicity patterns because that brand’s instructions are very thorough and leave nothing to the imagination. Very good for the neophyte seamstress.

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