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Real Life:: Dottie’s Yankee Doodle Weekend!

Oh lawdy, I’m tired!  But I had the best three day weekend for the Fourth. We decided to forgo travel this weekend and hunker down on the island. I LOVE a good family car trip or plane trip or (squee!) a train trip. But sometimes it’s nice to just hang out in your old stomping grounds and pump a little special into the mix.

Like making blueberry pancakes Saturday morning! I don’t know if it gets more special than that! CHOW has a wonderfully easy recipe that I have a feeling will work its way into my cooking repertoire very soon.

We also went on a “hike”  on Montclair Trail, which is perfect for the kiddos. Not too crowded and a beautiful easy shady walk. I can’t wait to go again. Brave Daddy heading the trail with Miss Peach picking up pieces of sloughed eucalyptus bark.

And we also snuck a little tag sale action into the mix. Our gal, glamorous authoress Lynn Peril (of Think Pink, College Girls and her latest book, Swimming in the Steno Pool) had a little tag sale which was choc-a-block with wonderfulness. She even had an original RECORD from the cast of ZOOM! But the best part was seeing Lynn and fellow Dame, Karen Finlay’s fabulous hats.

Why, yes that is faux netting made of straw and yes, that is a little lobster caught in the straw “net’ on Lynn’s hat. I know. Trust me, I know.

I also stopped by another tag sale a block away and scored some AMAZING finds. Like this terrific vintage floral suitcase and two darling floral vintage dresses which have both been added to the summer UFO project list because they just need minor little changes before they are fabulous. Oh, but they will be fabulous. Don’t doubt it for a moment, friends!

Sunday was rather hot for the Bay Area! So a morning bike ride to the beach was in order.  Me with my hat and the Peach with her toys. Sadly the tide was really out but the Peach had a blast chasing tiny tiny fishies in the tide pools.

And when the sun got too strong for our fair Peach, we hustled her into the little Crab Cove Nature Conservatory which was full of sweet facts and cool things to look at—like aquariums and a neato info about sharks and whales. I loved how they tried to create the feeling that you were in the bottom of the ocean by painting the walls and hanging things like this boat from the ceiling.


And there was also a bit of QT spent playing in that summer suburban classic—the sprinklers.

But the best was the local Fourth of July parade on Monday. What a hoot! And such great local flavor.

The Peach wore a little vintage red, white and blue number to cheer on everyone in the parade, which is always best watched from Daddy’s arms.

My favorite part was watching the oldest baton troupe in the U.S., The Pearlettes. I would have loved to be one, but I’d be too afraid of it hitting me in the head.

The weekend was a blast. We also went to BBQs, the local pool and I did bits of sewing and other little things. And danced to silly songs and marched around the backyard. And reading many many many books to the Peach.

Yup. The best part of the weekend was just being able to spend time with my sweetie and my favorite little Peach.

How was your Fourth of July weekend?



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  1. Alix says

    AW what a stellar weekend! (thanks to the Instagram I got a wee peek into it, but not everything!) Man I can’t believe I missed out on Lynn’s sale!!! It looks like so much fun.

    • Dottie says

      Oh, lady–Doe bought a slew of goodies including a pair of vintage gold boots. VINTAGE GOLD BOOTS!!!

  2. Alix says

    Also, can we discuss the cuteness of Peachies outfit????

  3. Jenny (VintageSugarcube) says

    Miss D- you are such a gorgeous Peach yourself! Your family is noth’n short of fantasticoo.. What afun, fun, holiday pics you shared. Loved them.

    • Dottie says

      Aw shucks, thanks, Jenny! You always have a special place in mah heart!

  4. carolynn cecilia says

    I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I spied those yummy looking pancakes. Is it wrong to make breakfast at 11pm?

    • Dottie says

      Ha! Breakfast at 11PM sounds divine! I’ll take the short stack too!

  5. Carrie says

    OMG, Did you buy that ZOOM record?! I listened to that everyday when I was kid until one day it broke in half. It was such a sad moment for me. I have never been able to find it since!! It has been on my list of things that I hope to stumble across one day.

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