Want, Need, Wear, Read // Ilana Wiless

want: Bespoke Personalized Quilt from Cheeky Handmades

I had this quilt made for my first daughter to mark her side of the room since she will soon be sharing it with her new baby sister. As soon as I hung it up, I realized it was only a matter of time before the baby asked for one too.

need: Kinderwagon Hop

It’s a lightweight collapsible double stroller! Currently on back order, because what urban-dwelling mother of two wouldn’t want one of those??

wear: I {Pretzel} NY onesie from Piccolini

The cutest onesie for New York City’s littlest residents.

read: Chloe, Instead

This book is the perfect ‘big sister’ gift. It’s about learning to love your little sister even though it’s tough to share your space and your stuff.

Hop on over to Mommy Shorts and be prepared to laugh, cry and stare amazement at Ilana’s witty, fun style! With cute little girl Mazzy AND a new baby, this groovy mommy does it all. THANKS ILANA!

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