My heart is breaking.

{for our friends over seas or those who haven’t yet heard of the tragedy….there was a devastating shooting at a Connecticut Elementary school with 18 children killed.}

My stomach hurts as I type this. But I hate the thought of someone coming here and seeing jolly information during this horrible tragedy….so I needed to put this up. My heart aches for the families. And during the holidays?? Who shoots a child??? The saddness is shaking me to my core. I’m also so very angry. I hate that guns are so readily available in this country. It’s a huge HUGE problem. The average person doesn’t need a Glock. This is 2012…nearly 2013. Bottom line, we need to find a solution to stop tragedies like this from happening.

I want to hug Wolfie so badly right now.

Love and hug your children, friends.

PBS Kids has some good Tips for Talking About Tragedies & News With Children

7 thoughts on “My heart is breaking.

  1. You’re so right. Taking an innocent child’s life isn’t worth the right to bear arms. Get rid of that ability. It’s just so tragic. Australia had a mass-shooting tragedy some years ago and the Govt. cracked down on gun ownership. It tightened gun ownership laws and took a lot of unnecessary firearms out of people’s homes.

    Those poor families.

  2. What has just happened is so so awful. We had a terrible shooting here in the UK about 20 years ago and since then gun ownership has been very tightly controlled. How can it be a right to own a gun but not a right for children to go to school without risk of being shot. A terrible and avoidable tragedy. Well done for this post Alix – these things need to be acknowledged. Life is not always pretty. Today is a very sad day. xx

  3. I don’t understand how gun ownership is such a big deal when compared to 20 Kindergardeners getting shot. I was having a trying day with Ingrid but I just stopped my bitching and hugged her so close. So sad.

  4. Please, please don’t make this tragedy a case for gun “control.” Taking away our right to bear arms only disarms law-abiding people who use guns as tools to defend themselves and provide for their families through harvesting game. The disturbed, mentally unstable people who perform these tragic acts will get their hands on guns no matter what the law does to “control” guns. More restrictions of our rights will just prevent citizens from defending themselves and their families from the crazies. Frankly, I would be more afraid for the well-being of my children if our right to defend our family was taken away by the government.

  5. Hi there,

    I’ve recently found your blog and adore it! I couldn’t write on a day like that, either. My heart breaks over and over for everyone – such a devastating tragedy and I keep clicking on the news hoping for more insight. I don’t believe it’s a good platform for politics over guns, though. There wasn’t a way to prevent this, but families and friends will obsess over ways the rest of their lives…you know? Trauma is brutal. My hope is that people will learn about who the people were and know them the only way we can now. <3

  6. I love your heart sweet friend, I was finally able to put some thoughts into some words today and blog about Friday. My heart is shattered. Everytime I think of it, those precious children, those teachers that gave their lives to protect those children I start to cry. What incredible spirits.

    Thank you for saying something. I am just now catching up on my google/reader and after 50 blogs yours is the only one that has posted something on it.

    Give Wolfie a big hug for me

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