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Giveaway #2: COLORED SKINNIES // Giveaway CLOSED.

I know, I know. Aren’t we already giving away an insane Kate Spade Handbag? (Yes we ARE. And you have til this evening to enter!) But it just wouldn’t be a Month of Color on Modern Kiddo if we didn’t do something for those little peeps in your life. And since the month is ending verrry soon, we wanted to go out with a bang. We are SO excited to be giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to the always awesome and colorful Polarn O. Pyret!

As you probably know by now, Swedish brand Polarn O. Pyret is one of our very favorites. Their clothing is classic, with fresh looks, bold colors and of course those signature stripes. It’s children’s clothing meant for everyday use, duds that will stand up for many playdates and walks thru rainy puddles. BUT in addition to being awesomely practical…..they are also really stylish! PoP was waaaaay ahead of the colored jean trend and their version is super comfy! You can use your $50 Gift Certificate for anything you want, but we highly recommend THE COLORED SKINNIES!


Colorful, fun, and ready for action! The sizes range from 2 years to 11 years and come in a bunch of awesome colors. Something to note: skinny jeans for kids aren’t like skinny jeans for adults. They are cut slimmer overall, but don’t worry, they aren’t mega tight.  Polarn O. Pyret’s skinnies are 97% cotton with 3% lycra for addedstretch, so your kidlets will still be able to run, jump and play a mean game of kickball on the playground! In addition to being crazy stylish, colored jeans make it easy to spot your wandering kiddo in a crowd. They have become a bit of a signature piece for Wolfie—he thinks the bright colors just look happier than regular jeans and who am I to disagree??

{Wolfie rockin’ his Polarn O. Pyret bright blues!}



1. Simply leave a comment below telling us if your child has ever worn skinny jeans. That’s all you have to do!

2. BONUS ENTRIES for adding me (@galexina) and dottie (@missdottie) to your twitter feeds. I’m going to assume you already are following us @modernkiddo, right???

3. BONUS ENTRY for adding @polarnopyretUSA to your twitter feed.

4. BONUS ENRY FOR RETWEETING! “Win a $50 @POLARNOPYRETUSA Gift Certif from @modernkiddo!”  [you can phrase it however you want of course….]

That’s it! GOOD LUCK! And happy jeans for ALL!



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  1. Elizabeth says

    Haha these are so cute. My little toddler dude has a pair of grey skinnies from Zara, but I LOVE the bright colored skinnies! These need to be in his closet 🙂

  2. Vail says

    My 6 yo son rocks skinny jeans. He has turquoise and the yellow from last season PO.P, but he’d love the bright pink best.

  3. am12pm says

    2 of my three boys have worn skinnies…but would love to intro the 3rd (the 2 yo) with a pair of PoP!

  4. Angela / Hey Emitt! says

    I would love to win this! I want to get a jacket for my little guy. He’s not worn skinny jeans; he’s only 9 months and not walking, so I usually still put him in comfy pants. 🙂

  5. Angela / Hey Emitt! says

    Also, I just followed you both on Twitter. Thank you!

  6. Amanda de Beaufort says

    my son loves bright skinnies. they are the best!!

  7. Helen says

    Ooooh! So cool! My eldest (6) just started rocking the skinnies, up till now she and her sister have been in bootlegs all the way. She looks so grown up and cool in skinnies, way cooler than her parents!

  8. Helen says

    Just followed you both on Twitter!

  9. Christie Hayes says

    My 5 year old will NOT wear anything but skinnies, we live in western Washington so pants that touch the ground at all get soaked and she hates it!

  10. am12pm says

    I follow both of you on Twitter!

  11. am12pm says

    I retweeted about your wonderful PoP giveaway! BTW…thanks!!

  12. Kerry says

    Yes, gotta love kiddos in skinnies! So cute!

  13. Kerry says

    also following you on twitter! xo

  14. Amber Liddle says

    I actually just got both kids skinny jeans–with Otis’ diaper butt they look hi-LAR-ious!

  15. Amber Liddle says

    I do follow both of you wonderful ladies on twitter

  16. Amber Liddle says

    Retweeted this. Thanks guys!

  17. Karen says

    Molly is still dedicated to leggings and sweatpants, but perhaps I could lure her into some skinny jeans if they were bright yellow!

  18. Martina says

    I love to put my daughter in skinny jeans! She has 2 pairs that fit now and more for the next year or so.

  19. Jody says

    Holy cuteness! I bought Eliza a pair of what I thought were skinny jeans, and ended up upping the ante to JEGGINGS. Sweet. Jeggings may not always be a good choice for a post-childbirth 36-year-old, but they are the awesomest invention for toddlers since Velcro. Stretchy AND cute AND fit nicely under dressies. Perfecto!

    Added you both to my rocketcitydigs twitter feeds AND retweeted!

  20. samantha says

    Oh yes, my string bean kid wears skinnies… though they aren’t tight on her frame. These are super cute colors. Love green.

  21. Miriam says

    Neither my son or daughter have ever worn skinny jeans, but I would totally put them in these! They are so stinkin’ cute!!

  22. kendra says

    OMG! Both my little boys wear skinny jeans… I wish I could post a picture of them. My oldest (then 4) and I wear walking through Macy’s when he saw his favorite color (yellow) skinny jeans. Of course we had to buy them, but my youngest was heart broken there were no green ones! I promised him I would look online and checked the macy’s and levis site and found nothing. Well I didnt stop looking and eventually ended up on the Polarn website and found green ones. I love them, they have a bit of stretch and fit so much better then the yellow levi’s (plus they are adjustable) I suprised him with them for his 3rd birthday and have the cutest picture of him hugging them he loves them so much! This year he has outgrown them and it is heartbreaking for mommy! Perhaps he can win a new pair! <3

  23. Deb says

    Hi, we are a Scandinavian family here and my Wolfgang also always reaches for his p.o.p. skinnies! If we were to win we would purchase the citron color and a pair of wellies.

  24. Mari, says

    Birdie wears skinnies all the time! Particularly H&M jeggings.

  25. Mari, says

    I follow Alex!

  26. Mari, says

    I follow Dottie!

  27. Lisa Gutierrez says

    Yes he has! And they were purple!

  28. Genevieve says

    I want them for myself! My kid has had some hand me down ones, but never this cool.

  29. Michele says

    Love these colorful skinnies! My little one wears skinnies all the time.

  30. Michele says

    I already follow Alix

  31. Michele says

    I already follow Dottie too 🙂

  32. Michele says

    Just tweeted!

  33. Emily says

    My boy is almost one and I haven’t seen any skinny jeans his age yet. But I would be stoked to win a pair for him for when he gets a bit older!!!!

  34. Ellyn says

    Yes to skinnies! What a great giveaway!

  35. Ellyn says

    I follow you both on twitter!

  36. Madge says

    Surprisingly, my son who is turning next month likes skinny jeans. I thought he would throw a fit, but he didnt care when i first put on a pair of Crew Cuts skinnies on him. So it’s been a regular thing now, thank goodness. I’d love to get him another pair, hope i get lucky!!!

  37. Madge says

    Following @galexina !!!!

  38. Madge says

    Following @missdottie!!!

  39. Madge says

    Tweeted the give-away too!!/

  40. Suzi DeVille says

    My eldest Felix lives in skinnies but they have all be black to date – I’d love some of these coloured ones to sail into winter with (Australia)!

  41. Suzi DeVille says

    Following Dottie on Twitter!

  42. Suzi DeVille says

    Following Galexina on Twitter!

  43. Suzi DeVille says

    Tweeted about the giveaway!

  44. Heidi says

    No skinny jeans yet for my boy, he’s only two months but I foresee them in his future!

  45. Malin McNulty says

    My six year-old LOVES his red skinny jeans and often gets comments on them.

  46. Briana Jacobsen says

    My oldest WILL NOT wear jeans at all, but I am training my youngest to love them! It would be so great to win this maybe I can convince my 4 year old with bright colors! 🙂

  47. Carly Shoemaker says

    I have the most adorable 2 year old who wears skinny jeans everyday! I would love to get her some of these colored ones. I am sure she would never take them off. I HOPE WE WIN! (I love your blog!)

  48. lauren says

    She hasn’t yet. Just hit the 2 yr mark! Would be the cutest thing ever. 🙂

  49. Starr Grizzell says

    My 4 year old daughter has never worn skinny jeans, but she sure would look cute in them!

  50. Andrea G says

    Most of my four year olds jeans are skinny. I just scored a pair of white flared jeans for a dollar at that the thrift store and she looked liked I was crazy when I showed them to her at home. I’m sure bright colored skinny jeans would meet with more of approval.

  51. Emily says

    Yep! My almost 2 year old has a pair of blue skinny jeans but would look adorable in a yellow pair! Love them (for her and me:)

  52. Joy says

    My 2 year old little has not rocked skinny jeans yet, but she needs to!

  53. Lola says

    My 3 year old loves jeggings, but I’m sure she would die for those yellow skinny jeans!

  54. Gail says

    My little granddaughter wears a pair of Gap skinny jeans, they are super cute on her. The colored ones are so adorable!

  55. Kim says

    My little retro man just outgrew his blue skinny jeans. They were awesome and I’d love to get him another pair!

  56. lishyloo says

    we love skinnies! tova has not worn any yet but the boys do!

  57. Syd Holliday says

    My 5 year old son can seriously rock some skinny jeans, the brighter the better! Oh – and he has a curly fro too!

  58. Marjory @ Elk Dresses says

    My L would eat these up. She is a trendsetter. She likes leggings, so I’m sure she’d go for these.

  59. Marjory @ Elk Dresses says

    I follow @galexina!

  60. Marjory @ Elk Dresses says

    I follow @missdottie!

  61. Kenna says

    My little brother and sister love their skinnies!! <3

  62. Sheena says

    My son has quite a few pairs of skinny jeans! They came in handy when his waist was too small for regular sizes.

  63. Sheena says

    I’m following all 3 accounts on Twitter (@sheenatatum).

  64. Tara Jane says

    I have not bought the boys skinny jeans…yet

  65. bethR says

    oliver has a pair and violet has one to grow into!

  66. Rena says

    Ivo is finally big enough to wear the cute toddler stuff. He has green jeans and we would love to see him in red ones too!

  67. p. floyd says

    i am crazy for polarn o pyret, though i generally have to look/not buy. i LOVE the skinny fit, as yes, my son ONLY wears skinny jeans. he just turned two and has never had any of that baby pudge. we still mostly go with leggings. this giveaway is made for us! 🙂

  68. Elizabeth says

    My children (1) and (4) both love their GAP skinnies! So cute!

  69. Martita says

    Skinny jeans would be a first if I am the lucky winner for my little one. She just got out of her cast, so she could acutally WEAR them now.

  70. Solducky says

    yes, we love them~
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  71. Solducky says!/DuckyBunny/status/196395121531555841

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  72. Charlie says

    My little girls both wear skinnies but so far only classic blue denim. Colored skinnies would be ace!

  73. jeannie says

    My older daughter just started wearing her first pair of skinnies and I’m so proud! My little guy wears bell bottoms most of the time but I’d love to have some skinnies for him!

  74. Amanda H says

    my little guy mostly wears pants I’ve made for him because he is so skinny! which means, not so many jeans, and he hasn’t worn any skinny jeans yet. But these could change all that. wow, they are so awesome!

  75. mario says

    My 3yr old daughter is dying to try skinny jeans because she doesn’t like how big the other ones seem to fit “at the bottom”!

  76. Maranatha Hosick says

    OOOOOO, Ocean could totally rock some colored skinny jeans…he IS quite leggy 😉 Any color, ALL colors…he loves them ALL ♥…

  77. Ashley says

    Only skinnie jeans really fit my daugher – she has the smallest waist and the longest legs. Regular jeans just fall off her! We don’t have any bright skinnies like these – we’d love some!

  78. Ashley says

    Also, I am now following @galexina & @missdottie and I wasn’t following@modernkiddo because I don’t really check my twitter!

  79. Ashley says

    annnnd… I retweeted! @HighFiveCEO – thanks!

  80. kendra magnuosn says

    Jonas loves the skinny jeans!

  81. kristin says

    Ok, so you know Sayer loves the colored skinny jean. He’s been wearing the yellow & red for awhile now. But we also love the stripes! I think he’s almost had as much Polarn O Pyret in his closet over the years as he has had KLTworks! 🙂 Great giveaway guys!

  82. Chelsei Ryan says

    My DD loves skinny jeans especially the 2 pairs we have from P.O.P We would love more though!

  83. Eve says

    Donovan’s first pair of skinny jeans were these crazy nautical striped vintage poly blend floods.
    Wish they had them in my size!

  84. celeste says

    cute pants, my daughter has a pair in yellow

  85. Corinne says

    My daughter loves her skinnies, so much that they’re now all holey and worn!!

  86. brandie cash says

    my 10 year old wears them…but the little one (5) would love to rock a pair like his big brothers…but brighter! These are adorable!

  87. GoddessWifeMom says

    We LOVE Skinny jeans, have them in every color. My boys totally rocks them, even PINK! 🙂

  88. GoddessWifeMom says

    Following you both & modernkiddo on twitter @thatboysgotstyl

  89. GoddessWifeMom says

    Re tweeted too @thatboysgotstyl 🙂

  90. Deb P says

    My daughter hasn’t worn colored jeans….yet!

  91. Kerri S says

    One of my twins is so skinny, that they are ‘normal’ for hi m, but yes, we love them!

  92. elisabeth says

    We’ve just gotten into skinny jeans. Have two pairs of lemon yellow and dark denim for the little one and an aqua for the big one. How did we ever live without them?

  93. Raquel says

    My daughter would look beautiful in these skinnies!

  94. marnie peck says

    What cute jeans!! My little one would love these. She has asked a million times for skinny jeans but does not have a pair. Her two older teenage sisters however wear them all the time. Thanks for the chance!!

  95. laure latham says

    Yes both my girls have worn skinnies before but I have to say, the Polarn o pyret striped tops are pretty groovy! I also follow you on Twitter and I retweeted your giveaway. Short of bringing you breakfast, I’ve used up all my bonus entries!

  96. Kelly Villanuva says

    No, Jaxson does not have a pair of skinny jeans. We haven’t tried them yet….

  97. danielle thompson says

    I have some for Campbell and I love them! Would love more!

  98. Laura Burr says

    Julian doesn’t have any skinny jeans yet, but he loves his skinny cords, so he’s half way there!

  99. betsy says

    My skinny boy loves his skinny jeans.

  100. fuzzymama says

    WE love P.OP!! Harrison just put a whole in the knees of his skinny blacks (yes, he wears them THAT much) and his skinny red cords are my favorites!

  101. Heather says

    my son would love skinny jeans. He is 3 and obsessed with Michael Jackson 🙂 My daughter never wears jeans she is 8 and loves her leggings!! pick me!

  102. Jocelyn says

    I have never intentionally bought my kids skinny jeans but some of them have turned out to be. They don’t work as well with my little girls’ big thighs. heehee.

  103. Dalyn says

    My boy wears not only skinny jeans but skinny capris. We’ve super-histered him out.

  104. Megan says

    She actually hasn’t – leggings, yes. But she loves lots of colors and would definitely want to wear them.

  105. Michelle says

    both of my tots wear skinny jeans, with converse of course! super cute, but colored jeans would be amazing!

  106. Michelle says

    i follow all three twitter accounts! love you gals!

  107. Michelle says

    i retweeted this awesome giveaway!

  108. Danielle Hampton says

    I’d love to win this- and yes, Henry wears skinny jeans…and loves them! 🙂

  109. Danielle Hampton says

    I follow both of you! <3

  110. Sandra M says

    Oh, yes, and she loves them! But – they are just plain old jeans, nothing fancy like these wonderful, colorful skinnies!

  111. Sandra M says

    Oh, I follow both of you already (or should I say 3 of you?) @sandrachirps

  112. Sara says

    No skinnies yet here, but my 4-year old could definitely rock these!

  113. Jeannine says

    My son has not worn skinny jeans yet, but we love Polarn! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  114. Melissa says

    Nope. Neat.

  115. Michelle says

    My kids haven’t worn skinny jeans yet. 🙂

  116. Wesley says

    My girlie is a skinny wearing girl, but my boy is too skinny and they don’t work. Wouldn’t you like to have that problem?!?

  117. Susan says

    My seven year old is obsessed with her skinny jeans! She would love another pair 🙂

  118. morgan says

    I love these. They are so bright and I would love for my toddler to wear them

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