greetings from the magic forest.

As I was walking to work, I spied this wonky little tree. I guess this was someone’s idea of “landscaping.” It totally reminded me of the Weebles Treehouse from back in the day! I happened to spy one when I was thrifting a month or so ago (although they wanted, like $15 for it which seemed scandalous….). I’m a total vintage know-it-all (well, Greg would probably say I’m just a know-it-all in general, haha) and I pride myself on storing a TON of random retro tidbits in my crazy brain. BUT guess what? I was WRONG!! {dum, dum, dummmmmmm} Yes folks. For years I have mistakenly called that tree up there the Weeble’s Tree House. But I realized the other day that this fancy tree actually belonged to a snappy lil 70s family called The Tree Tots! Check’em out!

The Tree Tots (“your friends from the magic forest”) were a happy lil family—parents Willow and Treemont, kiddos Chip and Honey. And of course Barky the dog. The tree itself was super cool, you pushed a button the on the top and it “grew” to open. I never had one but I thought it was so cool. I kind of love that the family is totally normal. They aren’t fairies or sprites…just “your friends from the magic forest.” Later they launched a roller coaster (the Tree Tots Sky Coaster, which you can see up there on the right) and even a light house. I did some poking around and found this really cool Tree Tots Kenner Catalog from 1975. Check it out here. And be sure to scroll down to the bottom for the “Mountain Tots” hideaway, and check out dad and his crazy beard and ‘fro. Looks like he was getting verrry happy in the magic forest.

Oh, so what about the Weeble’s Treehouse? They totally had one. It was just not quite as deluxe as the Tree Tots.


They even made a special Winnie the Pooh Weeble Tree House….

It’s cute. But it’s no fantasy from the magic forest. I say the Tree Tots WIN! They seemed like such a cool family though, I’m sure they would have welcomed the Weebles with open arms. If the Weebles had arms.

Did you have the Tree Tots tree house??

7 thoughts on “greetings from the magic forest.

  1. These posts are the Modern Kiddo best of the best! The ones that give me that visceral feeling of being a kid again for a minute. I either owned the tree house (and the Weeble one) or I knew someone who did. So awesome.

  2. I do not remember the Tree tots? I couldn’t figure out why and then I clicked on that link and caught a glimpse of the Mountain Tot with the full on beardfro! I must have blocked it out.

  3. I had one and adored it. The slide, folding staircase and popping up-ness especially. I’ve seen them go for a small fortune on eBay (in the UK & Australia anyways) so I think you got a steal. I think they changed the backdrops as well and recall a more modernist version too. I would be so happy to have one for my little boy.

  4. Omgosh we have that tree! Or, my mother still has it – now my sweet 2 year old gets to play with it! I had no idea it was a “firehouse.” I was the third kid in the family and by the time I played with it the accessories were long gone.

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