happy birthday wolfgang!!!!!!!!

Today is the day. The day that my little boy takes another step into “big kid” territory. Little Wolfie, you have brought so much sunshine and laughter into our lives! I can’t believe you are EIGHT. Wow. How did time fly so quickly??

How did this cutie:

….become this little coolie??

Friends, allow me to indulge in a little nostalgic mommy show boatin’…..as I was looking through all these old photos last night I got totally verklempt!


Aw, the best lil chewy cheeks in the biz! I still love to smooch on them….even at a young age my little bunny had the CURLS and those little eyebrows. Killers, I tell ya!

My little Wolf, people would stop me everywhere I went to comment on how adorable you were. I think they were drawn to your curls, but truly it was your face that won them over. Not because you are so handsome (which, of course, I think you are!) but because whenever you smiled you had such pure joy and happiness radiating out of you. You are one of those people who smiles with a twinkle in their eyes. As I was looking through all these photos I was struck by what a HAPPY little guy you were! Always grinning and smiling and laughing! You really are our sunshine boy and seem to always find the joy in every situation. I hope you never lose that….



On the rare occasion when you aren’t smiling, you are making a myriad of other awesome faces….sometimes this very serious “blue steel” look (that makes me think, “Dang, I shoulda had you be a little kiddo model!”) and then other times…well. Take a look for yourself!


Wolfie my little boy. You are, in a word, AWESOME. You are our little animal lover who is kind and gentle to all (cats! dogs! horses! cheetahs!). You never cease to amaze us with your quirky personality and ideas (like your amazing halloween costume this year!).

You have always been my gentle little soul, but recently you have become so much more active! Swimming! Soccer! Little League! Archery! WOW! It’s so fun to watch you leap and soar.

As you grow, I love seeing you develop your own tastes and opinions. (And you have SO many opinions!) You still love video games and computers. You are a whiz at math. You love singing, playing the drums and Queen is one of your top favorite bands. Your favorite movies are Harry Potter, the Narnia movies, and you have become intrigued by Pirates, thanks to a recent viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean! You love playing Monopoly Jr., Trouble and Uno. Even though you are somewhat picky, you love to cook and watching shows like Top Chef and Cupcake Wars. You just started watching The Regular Show (which daddy lets you watch and is probably inappropriate, although very funny) but you still love watching Peppa Pig. You have a great sense of humor, love joking around and we have a lot of laughter in our house thanks to you! Your favorite foods are pizza and onion bagels and you still really dislike most sweets. (Your teacher told me the other day you all went around the class room and were sharing something that “made you angry or frustrated you”. Your answer? “I am frustrated when people try to give me chocolate.”). You have your own little sense of style and you aren’t afraid to wear purple skinny jeans to school. In short, you are one cool little dude, my boy.

But ultimately, you are so kind and loving, my little blue green-eyed boy. Thoughtful, sweet and always a good friend to your classmates and buddies and ready with a big hug. I’m so happy you still hold mama’s hand when we walk to school. I know soon you’ll be too cool for things like that, but I’m holding on to that hand while I can!

You’ve been such a joy to watch grow, little Wolfgang. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

37 thoughts on “happy birthday wolfgang!!!!!!!!

  1. ok. now *I* am verklempt. srsly, mama. what in the heck!
    i remember crossing the bay bridge with that sniffly little baby wolf in his carseat, oh my heart!
    what a handsome young lad he is!!!!! the curls, oh yes the curls. but oh my goodness, those eyes. he has those wonderful, smiling eyes.

    much love to you all! and three cheers for wolfie!!!!!!!!! happy weekend!!!! xoxo

    1. Lady J, I can’t even believe how big both our boys are!!! It seems like only yesterday I was looking at photos of Henry—and he was THREE!!!! How did I suddenly get a boy who was more than twice that age?? I always say you gave me good “little boy” juju with Mr. Henry. I hope they get to meet this summer! xoxo

  2. Eight is great! Happy birthday sweet Wolfie! You are good on the inside and outside and that is the best compliment I can give someone. You are always so sweet and gentle with the Peach and such a character on your own! I have a special prezzie I gotta bring over to you!


    1. aw that is so nice of you to say. i think we’re doing something right….but alot of it is kind of baked into the kiddo from birth. (I’m def not taking responsibility for the “no- chocolate” love!!!! haha)

  3. So many expressive faces and all shine with the love he feels. So much happiness to you all on this birthday. What a little man!

    And imagine the high school graduation slideshow! Holy Cow!

    1. HAHAHA! Well, I’m pretty much banking on the fact that come High School I will be forbidden from getting involved and Mr. Opinionated will be creating his own “show”. Gotta get it in while i can!!!! 😉

    1. Sigh. I know. I was just saying how I know this was pretty much my last window of opportunity before i get the “eye roll” or groan of embarrassment!!!

    1. Oh TOTALLY! I figure this is pretty much the last year I can brag and boast and not have him roll his eyes, and groan in embarrassment!!!! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to our gorgeous grandson: Grandmama and Opi, and of course from your favorite person: Uncle Karl, who called me to ‘remind me’ that it was your birthday. As if i would forget!!!!!

  5. I LOVED reading your comments about Wolfgang…….he is the most amazing child, not to mention the cutest one on this planet; plus, I have to say this: the nicest kid and the sweetest. I love you bunches Wolfgang.

  6. Happy Birthday Wolfie!

    This was such a sweet post. I have a little girl and many of your comments are exactly how I feel about her. I have a little boy on the way in June, and I have to say. I’ve been kind of nervous. I don’t have any brothers and little girls are what I know. I don’t know what to expect with a boy… this post though made me so excited. I can’t wait to see what kind of little man my son turns into. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. OH I was the same as you….initially I thought I HAD to have a little girl. But you know what? There is something SO special about a mommy/son bond. Little boys are just as wonderful. And despite all the “boys will be boys” talk, they are all different. Some of Wolfie’s friends are rambunctious and have loads of energy (the stereotypical “BOY”!) and then there are the little guys like Wolfie….still love to run and play but much more gentle spirits and love to observe the world quietly. I think you’ll have loads of fun either way!

  7. this is a great post! happy birthday to you adorable little son. I love your blog and check in once a week or so. thanks for sharing so much great stuff

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