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Meet Tiger! Our Weekly Kiddo.

This week we have a super c-u-t-i-e . I’m especially tickled by his name—TIGER! I love it. Yes, it’s his real name. Nope it’s not short for anything. Just straight up awesomeness. This little California boy is two years old (or 27 months to be exact). His style is a little bit hip and a little bit outdoorsy and a whole lotta stylish. Let’s get on with the show…presenting….Tiger!

+ shirt, Zutano
+ leggings, Baby Legs
+ board shorts, Tea
+ socks, Mini Boden
+ baby blue shoes, Crocs

+ army jacket, Gymboree
+ shoes, Livie and Luca
+ hat, H&M

Could you just die over those rosey cheekies??
+ teddy bear jacket, Speeses
+ pants, Rabbit Moon
+ shoes, Livie and Luca

+ beach hat, Seed (an Australian brand)
+ stripy shirt, Penguin

His curly hair is reminsicent of another little young man I know. *ahem* (Tiger + Wolfie = WHOO HOO!)

+ tokyo shirt, Gap
+ jeans, Gap
+ boots, Elefanten

+ doggie shirt, Tea Collection
+ shorts, Janie and Jack
+ socks, Mini Boden
+ Papa’s Italian cycling hat

+ beach hat, Seed
+ funky tees,  CyberDog (London)

+ cozy cardigan, Gap
+ pants, Gymboree
+ shoes, Livie and Luca
+ cuteness, dog


How cute was that little feller?? I love his rosey little cheeks and amazing smile. What a handsome little man. We chatted with his cool mama Ingrid who told us that Tiger’s favorite things include:  bulldozers, cement mixers, excavators, trucks, BIG trucks, fire engines, tractors, garbage trucks, cranes, airplanes, trains, 18-wheelers, crackers, chips, toast, and cookies.  “Basically anything with wheels and any type of carb!” haha. I love it.  “He also likes (sitting on) our dog, Sadie Mae, and he likes his baby sister, Reyn. Most of the time.” Oh little Tiger, we like you ALL of the time! Thank you so much Ingrid, for sharing this fabulous little charmer with us!

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7 Responses

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  1. Stellbelle & Rubylou says

    Grrr… he is just too cute for words!
    I have my first giveaway at Stellbelle & Rubylou! Make sure you enter!!

  2. lishyloo says

    this babe looks like wolfie’s long lost cousin!!! so cute!!

    also, i need to submit harrison! he has some stellar outfits ya know.

  3. Melissa says

    First WOLFIE – NOW TIGER!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeh. All of these amazingly cute little boys on the blog is making me really excited about having a son. BOYS ARE AWESOME!

  4. Brandy says

    SO CUTE! Love those curly golden locks!! And what a frickin cool name!!

  5. Dottie says

    I know! He is SOOO FREAKING CUTE! Just a little love bug. Fab style and I love his hats! I love little boys in hats!

    And could we talk about those eyes?

  6. Anjali says

    He is so cute and styling! Love. Maybe my favorite of the feature.

  7. kristin says

    So cute! Yep, I agree- Wolfie’s long lost cousin. 🙂

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