Heart on My Sleeve

Oh, heart. Your day is almost upon us.

No shape has as much of a burden to live up to as the heart. Be it bubbly, romantic or even broken,  the heart always makes an impact. Sorry circle and square–you are noble and charming, but it is the heart that makes us smile before we even know why.

Even heart haters can’t deny the heart’s charm when paired with a child. Particularly around Valentine’s Day where the heart takes center stage.

I like clever unexpected hearts like these on this sweet hat sung out instead of notes from a bird.  Thank you Etsy seller, Rompshop.

Send your little Valentine to bed in these heart happy pajamas from that land of all things awesome and Swedish,  Hanna Andersen.

Vintage loving parents (and I know you are out there…) will fall head over heels for this little sweet little jacket made from a vintage heart-laden tablecloth from Sugar Darling.

Give your little chef a chance to cook his or her heart out with this sweet little heart apron from Etsy seller, Monsbird.

And remember, boys can rock the hearts too. At least any boy wearing these skivvies from Etsy Seller, Small Threads.  Tee hee! You gotta start ’em early with the self esteem, amirite?

So wear your heart on your sleeve or on a little person’s sleeve and smile!

5 thoughts on “Heart on My Sleeve

  1. Alright Ladies! I seriously need our tax return to come pronto! lol
    I almost cried when I saw the little apron jacket. My goodness that is too cute! I was almost tempted to buy it just to have…
    My son is gonna love his undies! Thanks Dottie! and Alex for having a boy. There’s TONS of things for girls, but you two make it so easy for this mama to find cute things for her boys! Much love to both of you!

  2. Priscilla you don’t know how happy that makes us! We love all the sweet girlie things too but since we happen to also have a rockin’ little boy over here at Fort Kiddo, Dottie and I make sure to always look for cute stuff for the little dudes. Miss Dottie found this awesome undies. SO CUTE huh!!!

  3. i second the thanks for the boy stuff! you make those moments where you see a cute girl thing in target that just won’t QUITE fly on your little boy a little less sad because of all the great finds here!

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