Ride a Real Life Totoro Bus

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One of our favorite family movies is My Neighbor Totoro, from Japanese Studio Ghibli. And one the best, most iconic moments is when the two girls are waiting for the infamous Cat Bus. I was so charmed to see all these real life Totoro Bus Stops and Catbuses. How cute are these??

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 photo totoro-1.jpg

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 photo totoro-4.jpg

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 photo totoro-6.jpg

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Oh Totoro! We love you! Have you seen any of the Studio Ghibli movies? Which ones are your favorite??

images via kotaku

11 thoughts on “Ride a Real Life Totoro Bus

  1. My husband loves Studio Ghibli films…I LOVE this post and Totoro. I was in Disneyworld recently for a conference and bee-lined it to the Misukoshi shop in Epcot to buy a Totoro plushie, disregarding the high price tag. Worth it.

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