Hot Dog! It’s the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Well, well, well! Happy end of August to you! I hope you managed to get outside to enjoy the last sweet sips of summer before the school bell rings. How crazy is it that we are on the edge of September and everyone with a moppet over the age of five has been thinking about back to school wardrobes.  Well, let’s add a little vintage whimsy into the mix to help your kiddo stand out amongst the sea of Gap/Target/Old Navy fashions they’ll see in the bus line. Not that we don’t LOVE and shop with a zealot passion from the Gap/Target/Old Navy but it is so much fun to mix and match clothes from all eras to reflect your little one’s personality.

Check out this duet of wonderful print shirts. What a great addition to any boys little fall wardrobe! From eBay seller JimJac.

What is more perfect for returning to school with an apple red cardi with sweet little accents on the collar.  And how sweet that it is a girls size large too. From Etsy, Leafpeople Vintage.

Now, it wouldn’t be back to school season without going a little mad for plaid.  I have a very special place in my heart for little girls in little plaid dresses. And I have a trio of such goodies to share with you all!

Like this little harvest gold plaid dressie with smocking and lace to boot! From Etsy seller, PiratesB00ty.

Or would you prefer your other vintage sixties mad for plaid faux jumper tunic with a lovely butterfly collar? Once again in the ever so elusive size 7. From our friends at Our Retro Toybox.

Or go pure old skool with this perfect plaid bit of cuteness.  Check out the sweet little plaid piping detail. Just stunning, eh?  And the bid starts at just under $10.00.  All that detail for such a small price. From ebay seller, Paddywacks Vintage.

But we can’t leave the boys out.  Check out this charming little plaid coat for gents.  What mama wouldn’t be proud to send her little guy to his first day of school in this sharp looking coat. From the very glamourous Etsy seller, StilettoGirl.

I myself love a good matching combo. So, when I saw this charming dress and coat set, I nearly plotzed with joy.  It is the perfect thing to wear for a little woodland romp in October or November, doncha think?

Perhaps your little guy is more of a t-shirt kind of guy.  Perhaps he could meet his teachers in this styling poly t-shirt friend from Sears. From Etsy seller, Aesthetikara.

Although babies aren’t going back to school, they still deserve something cute–like these widdle felt cowboy booties in rip roaring red.  With buckle, natch. From ebay seller forgetmenot.

E is for Extra button cute as well as elephant.  And you can get your little one’s extra cuteness on with this saucy romper. From Etsy seller,  FuzzyMama!

I did a lengthy lunchbox search for something fabulous.  Oh, the treasures I saw.  Yes, there was the Duke of Hazzard’s lunch box. The Alf lunch box. Even the Campus Queen lunch box.  But I’d never seen this gem before from Etsy seller, Aquanetta.

I wouldn’t mind doing dishes either if I had a fancy black poodle wearing bows on his head by my side to help dry the dishes.

Happy Monday, duckies! May the day fly by with fun and giggles!

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